Friday, January 2, 2009


Saw the long queues in front of temples yesterday and suddenly felt a whiff of fresh air blowing on me alone. There are advantages of being an atheist seriously, I need not be bothered about
  • The Big eye watching me from the sky
  • The kurma..err..Karma of all my actions
  • Availbility of virgins in heaven
  • What I am gonna be in my next birth
  • Santaclaus getting me a gift
  • Memorizing!! Hell I can't mug up to save my life. Can give rest to my weak brain which is bad at these. Need not mug up religious scriptures, especially when there are more than hundred versions of them around.
  • Long queues. Finally I can relax on festival days, have a drink with friends, spend time with family - more priceless than spending time the long winding queues to get darshans.

Abar had tagged me for the "All in fours" here I go

4 places I go over and over:

  1. The cubicle in right end corner of my floor(Made friends with the guy who sits there, so I can go meet him and also take a look at my latest green eyed crush :P)
  2. Mirchi - A restaurant near my place, love the food and the hospitality.
  3. Office cafetaria :)
  4. Well...not sure if i have any more.. probably the loo :P

4 people who e-mail me regularly

  1. All my PG classmates n rebelz folks
  2. Some blog friends
  3. Ex-colleagues
  4. Off late my HR

4 of my favorite places to eat

  1. The mirchi one I mentioned
  2. Opel inn
  3. Cascade
  4. The nameless fastfood shop near my place which is open till 2 AM

4 places you’d rather be NOW

  1. My college
  2. My previous company-to make the folks who are being pink slipped laugh and bring a smile with my somewhat tolerable sense of humor.
  3. In front of my computer playing Age of Empires
  4. In some rave party :)

4 TV shows I could watch over and over

  1. Seinfeld
  2. Medical Detectives
  3. World's scariest places
  4. Mr.Bean

4 movies I could watch over and over

  1. Mambo kings
  2. Roja
  3. Ace ventura series
  4. Thillu mullu

4 people I hope will respond
My new year resoultion - Not to pass tags :)

My merciless neighbour[pun intended :-)] Swarna had awarded me the favourite commentator award. I am really honoured, thank you fellow burrper. Need to pass this on to people whose comments have adorned my blog, I would want to list out everyone in my blogroll. Still I am handing it over to the following people. Those who felt left out, don't abuse me you may be breaking one of ur new year resolutions :P. I have just left out for my poor awardees to pass this on. Rule for the awards

  1. Display the Award in your page
  2. Award them to your favourite commentators
  3. Ask them to forward it to their favourite commentators
  4. And don't forget to link their page to their names

Here are my awardees - people who are patient enough to leave a comment in this crappy place
Meher , Aparna
Bhargavi, Arvind
Verby, Kanupriya
Curious, Smita


Bhargavi said...

yay !!! ..i loooove the pink flower ..yay!!! i am the first to beauty , huh? .. lol abt the kurma..i love thillu mullu too .. .. roja is ok ..cant say the same abt u r other choices ;-)...opal inns good , huh? anyways.. have a wonderful new 2009..

Meher :) said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the award!! :)

BTW.... why the HR e-mails so often? Warnings? :D

And I HATE your "My new year resoultion - Not to pass tags :)"

Totally hate it! Change it RIGHT away!!

Smita said...

New Year resolution...'Not to pass tags"

Cool, wonderful, you are a gem of a person :D

At this point of time I have some 3-4 tags hanging on my head...sigh!!!!!

Thanks for the lovely award :) my 1st award for 2009...yipee!!!

Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

I believe in a Higher existence but don't visit temples, as opposed to my family's beliefs. My mother & I tend to bicker a lot about this topic!
Green eyed crush? ;p
Have a great year ahead! :)

Nautankey said...

ope inn is my eternal fav in chennai :) is is an understatement for her ;-)

Nautankey said...

Thanks u thank u... nop no changing this resolution :P... but ur free to take up this tag :)

Nautankey said...

Welcomess...and yeah tags r useful to get out of blogger's block,other wise not too sure.

Have a great year too

Nautankey said...

Me too believes in higher existence and have hung my snap in an altar :P...have a rocking year ahead

vimmuuu said...

"My new year resoultion - Not to pass tags :)"..Naheeeeeee, what the hell have you done now?? how on earth will you take revenge on the people who tagged you before ?

Green eyed crush, huh?; is she cute and single? You dont mind competition, do you? :D

Wish you the happiest year ahead buddy !

PS : consider your new year resolution once again !

rauf said...

if you wear a black cap you become invisible to God Nattu Nautank. You can have all the khurma you want and all the virgins of your street. But see that the cap doesn't slip out of your head. i am just wondering what this God is. why has he taken so much of work on his shoulders ?. poor chap this god is, i really feel sorry for HIMMM.

Tarun Goel said...

Atheism, Rave Party and Pink Slips, interesting stuff :D

Ruth said...

Don't worry, rauf feels sorry for George Bushee too.

I like what you said about not believing in God. I haven't decided yet, holding on to a slim thread. But what difference does it make? It makes no difference if I believe or not.

You are funny.

Anonymous said...

thnx for th award more than the award i wud have loved a full fledged post ..with ur writings ;P and no ...ur tag is not counted sorry ;P it has so less of ur words so ;P

Anonymous said...

hey i too play Age of EMpires ..
:) .
lets have a match sme day :P
thanks frthe award :)

Prasad said...

appo intha comment unaku vendama?????

Prasad said...

the only temple i visit is tirupathi and tht too xactly 2 times a year!!! all other time jus look up and sclod him/her :P

praddy said...

ah i never knew u were a atheist too :P

mails from HR..lets discuss this in our threads ;)

Nautankey said...

i take enough revenge by putting psots and comemnting as such.. So tagging as a weapon cab be left alone :) I don't mind taking up tags though.

And the green eyed girl..hmm..i dont mind competitions butI guess someone else might mind it :P

Nautankey said...

I did ask him once to appoint me as an assistant but then he wants to do things the hard way..poor guy

Nautankey said...

Lot many theists too attend rave parties ;-)..Only thing I can go there without thinking aboutnthe confession box :P

Nautankey said...

Rauf is a very kind man :). And yup beliefs dont matter unless until you stand for a public office ;-).

Nautankey said...

Welcome..and yeah more blasphemous posts on their way :)

I pplay with cheat codes :P

Nautankey said...

Comment kandippa venum :D. Look up-na?reminds me of that goundamani comedy scene..mela irukkavaney ellatheyum paathukkuvaan-na kattil adila irukkavan? :)))

Atheist too?..when u joined the sinner's badnwagaon? after 3 teqila :P

And HR mails all official purpose wonly

Ruth said...

Oooh, good one.

sansmerci said...

first of all congrats on the award.. ur ofcourse an awesome commentator...

second .. is that pranav mirchi in velachery that ur mentioning.. man looks like i gota try it out once! is it really so good?

third...seinfeld my first choice always :) we gota lot in common i c eh! (pss.. sorry i got this softcorner for writers... don mind my flirty comments sometimes after readin ur script!)

fourth - bloggers email u where? i tried addin u on gtalk to tell u soemthing bout burrp but cudnt catch ya

Nautankey said...


Err...forgot to reply to this comment.Have replied in ur blog and yeah writers n flirting goes hand in hand.

Here we r a group of 5-6 bloggers from chennai n we meet up more than twice a month :)

Aparna said...

Hey! sorry for the tardiness! Thank you for the award. It looks so pretty :)
How can you narrow down all your answers to just four!?! I could not! Green eyed beauty!?! ok!! :D

Thank you for doing the tag...and you have to pass tags!!! yaam petra thunbam, perugai vayagam :D

Anonymous said...

You like the movie, Roja? :) Ok then, I like you too :D

Nautankey said...

Thank you thank you. Who won't like Roja,it's such a brilliant and touching movie.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* Rightu! Btw, I just wrote a blog on good memories from College days(im still in college though) n im getting an evil idea of converting it into a tag and tagging bloggers who I just got to know *cough cough* And add a curse with the tag for those who dont do it in a week. What say? :P

Nautankey said...

Sounds like a good idea.All old people like me wud feel young for some time :D.And U still in I too was college student ala tamil film comedians.Recently attended a computer course,which mostly had college students, felt like ajith in aegan :)

I know abt curse of mummies,but curse if no tags...hmmm.. Let it be something like I wud go back to college days if I aint doing it :D.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I have a standard curse for bachelor guys. Aana being the self-respecting Thamizhachi that I am, adhellam public la solla mudiyaadhu :D Lol!

Nautankey said...

Ada da Romba periya manasu :). Can imagine the curse,show mercy ..atleast after reading my lost art of wooing post :P

Anonymous said...

Cha, coin boy!(Chilra paiyan) Rombo chinna pulla thanama yosikreenga. My curse has got nothing to do with wooing. I'll tell u about my curse if we ever get to catch up on chat.

Nautankey said...

Thank god thappichein..but ur blaag does not have any mail id of urs[or did i miss it] to catch up