Monday, February 16, 2009

The Art of wooing....duh!!

I am almost nearing 30, ok am not sure whether I should feel sad about getting old or feel happy that I have more years of work experience and hence demand more pay. Whatsoever!! This post is not about me getting old,but about how I have totally forgotten something which I could claim I was pretty good at just a few years back - the art of wooing.

I remember the good old training batch days in my previous company,nop I wasn't a cassanova but I could atleast go up to totally unknown girl,start a topic,build an interesting conversation and a rapport[which eventually ends with exchange of phone numbers and some evenings in CCD]. But now...duh!! put it mildly, if I were a girl I won't fall for myself[I meant a boring, self occupied guy like me].

I have totally lost it. May be the corporate culture has made me more professional and I don't venture out of topics other than the boring,bland official ones with the pretty girls at work place, or may be I have got more mature with time and know that girls[or rather women] don't fall for cool looking/sounding strangers or may be another weird reason,my theare group, at times I say goodbye to my flirtatious alter ego[especially during auditions] since any wrong impression created by me might end up giving bad reputation to the whole theatre group[not that all the other guys involved are Ram avtars..still]..thousands of may bes but the final conclusion is that I am pretty boring man.There are times when Ms.Destiny throws me in the company of pretty girls but then approaching them?.. I am as confident as Manmohan singh facing an over from Brett lee at the Gabba pitch..duh!! again.

Sheesh..this post in going into the self sympathy mode.Hope it's fine to do it once in a while, especially after my travails last week. Last thurday was one of those rarest days where I got a good bunch of folks to visit a club, we hit a place called escape which normally overflows with stags but that lucky nite it had lot of pretty girls.Not just pretty but kinda non-committed and ready to dance with anyone kinds[chuck the fact away that they would be 18-19year olds].

Add to it I was getting lots of positive vibes from a pretty girl in turquoise blue top.Ok I know only blue,at the max sky blue,never heard about a color called turquoise. The only turqoise I know is this mineral which is the phosphate form of copper and aluminium, chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O...hope you get an idea into how boring I am now. The lady who accompanied me explained it as turquoise blue [women n colors..aah...I don't mind being called color blind].Getting on with the story this TB girl [turquoise blue n not tuberclosis] was giving a sweet smile at me [or was it the effect of her vodka] and we also had a decent dance together,first time I twirled around someone without dropping the person and getting booked for attempt to muder, also the twirl was graceful ,not my normal messy hands & necks thingy.

Yet I was stuck in my own world,unable to make the move and have a proper chat with her or even strike a conversation. I had no clue as to which topic I can speak about,surely not about the chemical formula of turqoise..seriously felt like how sanjay singhania of ghajini would feel after the 15th minute. Reconciling to the fact that nothing is gonna happen I then decided to do something smarter,spend time with the folks who I had for company and we did have a fun time.

Let me stop cribbing and go n grab this book called "Art of wooing" authored by a boston based social psychologist[funky term that..wouldn't girls love to speak with me if I claim to be one]. At the same time continue sighing at the green eyed beauty in my office until I get back a little bit of that lost art. Amen!!!


Anonymous said...

nearing thirty?? and ur calling me chechi? ahemmmm i have 3 x 365 days to reach there ;P ok so now u gt the stats too ;P well i judged u to master the art of wooing ;P and u say ur pathetic?? ahem u thnk i should reconsider my daily chcking of ur blog ;P

Nautankey said...

Even I am pretty long way from 30, but post 25 we men have the guts to accept we r closer to 30 :D thats the difference.

I am not pathetic..pathetic rating is for those who dont do it properly. I dont even attempt it naa :D.

Abt the last line..I too am checkng ur blog daily only to see the nature pics :P

Anonymous said...

Move over, oldie! :D
Make way for the new generation of professionals... I use weapons of mass flirtations, which makes me the Love Guru! :D

Bhargavi said...

i think u dont use u r "theatre-card" enuff .. women wud atlest arch an eyebrow if u told them that u scripted plays !!!..u dont have a long way to go .. u have 3* 365 or is it 2*365 !! .. and u guys call me paati ..what has the world come to ??..get u r act together otherwise the next generation( read as nikhil) will end up wooing u r prospective wives .. and probably tell u .. i have been there before wen u do find some poor girl ;-).. u wouldnt want that , would u ?

Ruth said...

Have you ever tried borrowing someone's baby to take for a walk in a stroller? That always gets women to ooh and aah at the mall or downtown. Then they inevitably ask, oh he's so cute, what's his name? And you say, Deepie. And they say do you have any other kids? And you say, oh no, Deepie is not my son, he's my friend's . . .

And they will be so impressed that you would take care of your friend's baby for a few hours.

Well, it works in the U.S. anyway.

Nautankey said...

love i have no idea of giving pose in bday dress to 40year old ladies in my area :P.. happy without those weapons of mass adultry :D :D

Nautankey said...

We are speakign abt 30s and ur supposed to be in 80s :D :D. i would actually appreciate the next gen finding the poor me its far better than them getting a poor guy[read as vimmuu :P]

Nautankey said...

The last line rests the case.It works in US.Indian women dont socialize much and come to quick conclusions,so if I am with someone's baby I would be branded as a young dad taking care of his baby,they wont enquire abt the baby or my baby sitting skills.. thereby diminishing the chances i had :)

Ruth said...

Rats. I'll keep thinking.

Smita said...

Forget wooing shooing...

Be single be happy :D....

And as it is what if you fall in love and start writing poems??? We too are gone na!!!! :D

And to add on to it if you gf leave you then also you will write sad poems...

I shudder when I imagine those scenarios, so be happy :)

sansmerci said...

tell me bout it... i used to meet up with random guys once upon a time! life was so much fun and i had no fear of unknown... man i rem randomly striking conversations with guys who are still my best friends now... and we almost forgot how we met :P m too old to do it nemore....

oh btw, m waiting to c a review on burrp for escape soon :)

Aarti said...

:) U seriously couldnt muster up enuf guts to talk to a gal? u do it wit us with ease... even the 1st time we met, yes, you were wee bit quiet~~~ actually, ur quiet a lot..hahaha...

age has nothing to do with this
u just gotta take the plunge..dubuks into the ocean!!:)

Anonymous said...

Google helps na? Formula for turquoise?!?
One night of french folk dancing experience and you no longer have two left feet wow!! or were you too drunk to notice? :)
Social psychologist - nice term.
And age is just a number!!! you are no where close to 30 anyways!!!

Madhuri Kunisetty said...

omg, heights of woooing!!!!!!
i nvr knew that guys are pretty serious abt this thing :P

Prasad said...

somehow i dout this one! ;)

shomething wrong somewhere!!! hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

Prabhash said...

Great Post, no wonder you got a Blogadda Rating this week!

I blog at and at

Do drop in.

Aparna said...

congratultions on the blog adda pick!!
:) Treat!!! :D

Nautankey said...

Pretty much rats :).And thanks for thinking for ideas.

Nautankey said...

i get your point..that that man that that worries :). I mean everyonehas their worries. and seriously am not too bothered about my reader's better health :P. A poetry for that sooon

Nautankey said...

swarna/sans merci,
Very true. Still have got so many frends from my college days[the same once upon atime wen i was goo at it]whom i have no idea how i met.

Speaking abt escape or even burrp for that matter. I am on a no meat,no drinks burrp takes a backseat :)

Nautankey said...

Hmmmm.. amaidhiyana payyan :P Dont say this to praddy.

Yeah dubuks in the ocean sounds good and I used to dubuks into ocean even during tsunami times :D Just that too weary now..

Nautankey said...

Thanks for the wish and being too drunk helps us to dance better actually. Why not try it once :D.

Google does help us in everything right from wooing to sueing :).

Nautankey said...

Welcome here :). and guys are not serious...they are desssperate about it..hee hee

Nautankey said...

Nooo don't doubt me. Comeon I never ever doubted ur romantic skills,which is the talk of the town off late :P

Nautankey said...

Thanks a ton for the wish and a warm welcome:). Will surely drop in.

Smita said...


praddy said...

aarti - yeah yeah he is amaidhiyana payyan :D

nauts - you are losing the charm man! getting old!

vimmuuu said...

Ok, the bottom are single, you are furstrated, and you need to hook up soon !!!

Believe me, the grass is not greener on the other side! Its turquoise blue, so beware !!!!

Angel's Flight said...

oh do share the pointers....would make a goofy read!

Tarun Goel said...

so how are you feeling old man?? :D

Anonymous said...

lol... i cant wait to grab this book... sigh! i am already 25 and yet no cute hunks want to woo me...!

and where have u been these days?

Anonymous said...

I jus like the notorious idea of the Airhostess jig u shared on Alice's blog:P Anyways, I gues The Art of wooing is what dies off in every men with the passing time:P but i would like to keep it alive and hope this book will be of great help:P

Nautankey said...

Nop no use pleading :D

See who is talking,the guy who cud not find the name of the girl.LOL.

Have been there done that..its not green actually..its reddd at times :D

Nautankey said...

Angel's Flight,
Well i can share some pointers about how NOT to woo :D.. That wud be the best thing to do in my current position

Feeling pretty good.Saturday is roudn the corner,another chance to test my art :D

Nautankey said...

The book i am gonna grab is for men :)...misogynist world i'd say.
The kinda amateurish way today's hunks woo..well ur better off not being wooed actually :P

And i am pretty much here,the 2nd post of this[love lorn n antagonising] month :)

That was a nice n subtle way to put what others were saying..I am getting old :D. Hope books n the internet help me :)

Smita said...

Huh! Pleading and me? At most i won't read and will blindly comment 'you call this piece poem?' :D now now don't be amazed i know i am smart.

pRADdy said...

thats long gone man..she left to its someone else ;)
so now i can talk :P

talk talk

Nautankey said...

I am planning to write the poetries in your blog's comments section :D :D. Make sure even ur readers scream out for help..

Ok someone else..wots her name n did u speak with her?..I/we know very well its gonna be anamika v2 :P,you can only talk here :)

Anitha said...

Hmmm...All the best for your wooing lessons :)

Anonymous said...

Lol! That one was hilarious. Good luck with wooing.

This reminds me,I've been intending to blog about my own lack of interest in guys. Flirt was my middle name. But hey,it was the kind of un'adult'e'rated',parisuthamaana flirting. You know, just the hi-small talks-bye level.But these days,I just dont feel like putting that effort and horror of horrors,I've even called a few older(no offence meant to your 30 years old self :P ) people as 'Anna'! God,whats happening with me!

Vishesh said...

ha well at least you aren't taking ad-vice from the love guru :P

Nautankey said...

thank you than you. Will probabyl write my own book,plz canvass :)

Thanks for the wishes n hopefully I get it back :). and parisuthamana flirting..ahemm.. know that,have done it during college days.Anna is fine,even I dont mind until it becomes uncle :D. nowadays me too getting sagodhara paasam when seeing younger girls..phew..not sure if its weird.

Love guru's advice..well I am straight u see :)

The Seeker said...

yeah! blog hopping and landed here!!! Well,. I shudnt give away much! Cos am so poor in that, with the ways U was good at wooing! My teacher (KG) still makes fun of me, how I used to turn round the chair and sit with the girls, thus making them listen to me... And been always called Krishna,,, Revathi knows me better in that as she calls,

The unadulterated parisuthamana flirt! I know that well

And don worry u're just in late twenties, yet so generous of you... To include urself in 30s

ANd that was one hilarious read...

BLogrolling you!!!!

rauf said...

Don't woo Nattu, and never be smart. Girls don't like smart fellas. Wrong number. keep your mouth shut, let your friends make fools of themselves.

Why your friend is not talking ?

he is like that. he is a bit of a dimwit.

Suddenly the mother in the girl wakes up
They all want to be mothers.
Seriously Nautank, they look for babies, not men. They want to mould you, repair you. They look for heart broken babies.

rauf said...

Never wear a happy look, act as if your building got washed away in tsunami. and always be ignorant.

Do you like shah rukh khan ?

yea, i'll have it if its not too spicy

What ? do you like Aamir khaan ?

yes thank you, if it is not too sweet.

Dumber you act better chances you'll have
Never show off your knowledge.
Keep asking her name every five minutes.
You'll be trapped in no time.
Walk into the trap

Nautankey said...

Thanks for droppin in and being krishna @ KG times was also tough for me. Kinda hated girls then[probly a post on that soon].

Thanks again.. for blogrolling

Nautankey said...

LOL those wer some good ways, but I am not male blond. tough to act dumb,though at times i am dumber than blondes.

Got to accept that girls wanna be the fixer kinds.Get the guy back to right path :). Lemme see if i can try this trap

Anonymous said...

Corporate world has made you into more professional.. hmmm....
Nice post.. Do something bro to make yourself look young :)

Anonymous said...


just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.