Saturday, September 9, 2017

Here I come.

So what do you do when you are fed-up with social media polarization, when inane dance videos and political speeches by left/right extremists fill your timeline and you badly want to leave this planet. Bazinga!!! I remembered I own a blog (the only thing I own worthwhile without paying money), and should spend more time here. 

Just realized my last post was 45 months ago, that is the exaggerated way to say its 3+ years or rather that is how I used to mention my experience in resume when I had less than 2 years of IT Experience, also that is the way some parents mention the age of their kids - He/She is 34 months and 28 days old - expecting us to be equipped with a calculator every time we ask their kid's age.

Coming back to my hiatus from blogging. I was always that 10 lines away from putting up the new post...but the most important road block was what should I write about?. I mean I am no longer the care free young man who started blogging about random things from bikinis to blondes to my teen fantasies to my ideas on how to conquer the world to pam anderson's..ok you get the hang of it. I am an irate middle aged man who hates the world as much as the world hates me. And most importantly the social media landscape has CHANGED...

You either have to be a left winger or right winger, question the right wing atrocities you will be branded as a libtard and packed to Bakisthan. Blast the left wing hypocrisy you will be called a nazi, bakth and many more such decorative terms. Gosh!! I had to google the spelling for the word hypocrisy which I used in the previous sentence, shows how low my writing skills have seeped to. coming back to the precarious state of this dangerously polarized world we live in - the branding is not just confined to India but it is a global phenomenon. The only thing I can write about without a sarcastic comment on polity is hmm...let me think.. my married life ? but that is more dangerous than politics, my career ? but that is more X rated than baba ram rahim's sex life..god! here I go the baba's followers are going to burn my blog. I request my readers - if any such folks are there - to suggest topics to write OR I may end up writing essays on IELTS/IAS examp topics.

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