Sunday, October 12, 2008

Minority Report from Orissa...with a difference.

So Ratan Tata has got land for the 'People's Car' Mr.Tata has finally realized what an efficient and magnanimous man Mr.Modi is..tch..tch...sad he did not know what an angel Mr.Modi is and had kept off from gujju land post gujarat riots.Well there are no permanent enemies in politics and business...

Forgetting the People's car and Mr.Tata's enlightenment..the issue which actually irks me is the deadly Dhamra port of Tata steel at Orissa. Dhamra is known for the Olive Ridley turtles nesting sites... It is amongst the last honeymoon suites for the remaining Olive Ridleys, a highly-endangered species that swims all the way here from places as far away as Australia and the Philippines.    

Poor Olive Ridleys they don't have a Pope who can give voice for them from rome unlike the other minorities who have support for their cause in orissa. The maximum I could do is going to  and sending a mail. 

Ofcourse dear Ratan and Tata are going to claim all the one lakh mails they received thru this site are orchestrated efforts.What can we say about a business empire which ignores request of close to one Lakh TATA customers to shift the the port, nor cares for the vain pleas of  over 200 national and international scientists and academics, including over 30 turtle experts, demanding for the port to be stopped.

Dhamra is not just known for turtles but its also home to the rare Crab-eating Frog, and the White-bellied mangrove snake.Aaah bio foot says Ratan who is hell bent in changing the legacy left by JRD.

For once I feel like screaming my lungs out "Hail Mamata!!!"...And yeah will try to boycott the Tata products...well actually I have already rejected an offer from TCS, not due to the turtles but for more reasons..and solved confusions about my first car.It was indica v2 or wagonR I know which to choose thank you Ridleys :)


Umashankar Das said...

nice writeup..Just a clarification..The writeup on dhamra is actually incorrect.

The Olive Ridley nesting place ,is at, Gahirmatha..

Dhamra is quite some distance from that area..

I'm sure you got your info from a chain e-mail..

This propaganda is by Greenpeace....Which has actually forged reports to prove their point....

Do a google search on 'dhamra greenpeace report forgery'....Should give u ur answer..

Cheers..have fun..

Your opinion on TCS is right, as is Nano..All you read in the media is not necessarily correct..Think and react...

Nautankey said...

Its very true that dhamra does not currently have nesting site of turtles but there have been dead turtles found there[due to mechanized boats] and it has been accepted that dhamra as a region is well known for its marine bio diversity.

And to be precise the green peace forgery remains as an allegation/accusation, if tatas find the orissa univ's report as fraud they cud have done a proper impact study with some internationally reputed organization...

And frankly I have never come across dhamra in mainstream media ...and yeah I have been getting info from Greenpeace newsletters.Though I don't tow to all what they say[like nuclear energy] I 'think' GP's arguments have more substance in this case.

Prasad said...

god damm the freekin tata!!!

i guess we all hav to sat tata to the turtles then!!!! tht bastd!

Sindhu :) said...

Its really bad on the Tata's part if they are really doing this - but I somehow have a feeling there's a lot more in the background than we know!

I really find it tough to understand that someone of Tata's stature would be so unconcerned about the environment, only to make profits, considering its actually working on releasing an eco-friendly variant to the ambitious Nano.

Nautankey said...

turtles or BIG bucks.. Tata chose the latter

Very true..even I found it hard to believe..comeone if it was the ambani bros I wud have readily beleived it..they wont mind selling india for bucks.. but ratan?..then truth is bitter. The fact that the man who was ready to speak with any tom,dick n harry for singur land is not ready to meet Greenpeace activists is a reminder... Probly someone like mamata was there in orissa Ratan wud have been down to his knees.

And I feel nano itself is a joke.. its more like adding fuel to the problem than calling it as a solution.

Curious said...

It's kinda weird to understand why choose places as these when u open a major business such as this... With the industralization happening in cities and easier access to manpower and raw materials more easily available - wouldn't it be easier to set something up in one?

Having personally worked on the Students Sea turtle conservation project in chennai, I too am disgusted by such a heartless show by a business organisation of such a stature as TATA!

Where has compassion and respect for all living things gone these days?

Nautankey said...

Thats true..add to it the plan work ahs not yet started bcoz of tata's corus acquisition.The plant is termed more as a liability after the acquisition...still its LAND man.!!. free land from a government.The reason tata fought till last breath for singur...reason why he sees modi as an angel.

Nothing can beat that..ratan in my eyes is the 21st century icon of land and subsidy greed.

Adie said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

Here's a news article about the mass turtles nesting in Gahirmatha Beach during 21-24 March 2009