Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Qwirky Tag..

So here is my first tag on this new blog...Tagged by Abarna,yup the lady blog rolled as
abar-p o'er here. Firstly I had a tough time to find the meaning of the word Quirky, thanks
to google I found it. Going into this tag, I have to list 6 quirky[strange,odd,bizarre]
qualities of me.

1. I am a chronic liar[CL].I mean if you havent got a hang of how chronic it is from my previous
post. Let me explain,if someone wakes me up in the sleep and asks me where I was the last
weekend I am capable of making up a bluff and tell it out convincingly.I dont remember one
person to whom I haven't bluffed :)

More folks realized this is quirky during my recent UG class reunion. Met an ugandan
classmate who sat near me. During good ol' days the poor soul once asked the name of a
classmate and me being the CL told it is rajinikanth,so by the end of the year thanks to me
he had met amitabh bachan,kamalhassan,mamooty,hrithik and even karishma n urmila in the
boys college.Now, after 8 years in India he had realized who they were :). Trying to curtail
the CL,but then I am having fun :P

2.I have these weird wishes about my future wife. I dream of this shy,coy bharatia
naari[yeah typical MCP] who draws a da vinci painting with her feet and is
capable of laughing for my PJs even if she is hearing them for the 127th time. Infact I did
put this up as expected qualities in and my sis suggested I rather put the
expectations with my snap in as it had more prospective bidders.

3.I take the cream in cream biscuits and discard the biscuits. Started this habit when I
was 4 or so and it has stuck to me.Interestingly my 2year old nephew has got the same
problem but with a reversal.He eats the biscuits and discards the cream.So my sis opens the
cream biscuit packet only when we both are around.

4.I can't have tablets without chocolates.Another childhood idiosyncrasy, should blame my
mom. I can't have tablets without having a sweet or chocolate to munch in after I swallow
the tab. I tried to get over it but i simply cant.

5.My dressing sense.It has been branded as quirky by most of them.Well you can't blame
someone who has Govinda as his style icon.I find it pretty normal when I buy a yellow pant
or a fluorescent bermuda.Some call it gawdy but I call it desi :).So next time you find
someone choosing the gawdiest color of dresses or ice cream in baskin n robbins..greet me!

6.I am too jovial.It IS quirky bcoz I am jovial even in serious se serious situations.
Situations which are given tragic violin strings in movie re-recordings somehow are funny
to me.I can put a long post on that.An example:Sis gets diagnosed with blood sugar during
maternity, everyone at home are worried and the typical violin stringing moment. I come in
and they explain the situation, my reaction "wow so we are gonna have a sweet baby".
Misplaced sense of humor I say..
I would like to tag: Sindhu, Prasad, Arpita, Swattalk, Zephy
..And anyone who does'nt mind taking it up :)


Tarun Goel said...

Boss it seems that you are hopeless!! :P
Nyways you are c[f]ool!

Nautankey said...

Hee hee...yeah hopelessly quirky :)

Prasad said...

buhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!1 i hav to agree on the dressin sense ;) and ROFLlllll @ the sweet baby!!! but then all the jovial stuff makes it more intreastin rite :DDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

oy!! that should be Apar!!! Change the blog roll too...or I will make you eat the biscuits and A the cream! :D
You are one quirky person! :D
Your sis is a smart woman :D

Nautankey said...

Yeah yeah it makes it interesting but at times gets us branded insensitive :)...

Nautankey said...

Abar :P,
Well its not that easy to change..we need to have another hi-level meeting and Mr.vimmu should decide about changing it :)

And the biscuits without cant give a worse punishment than that.

Ruth said...

When I come to India (it might be a while in these economic times) I will look for fuschia bermuda shorts on a guy who is laughing, and then you can tell me lies about India while eating cream.

Hey, that was a pretty good response about the sweet baby. If I was your sister it would have cheered me up!

I'd like to get more educated about India, but I think this is probably not the place, CL, eh what? :)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

[1] Yea.. I know! You are a hell of a liar! Always keep reminding me never to trust you!

[2] Your sister is right. Put yourself up for bid :D :P

[3] Hmm.. I tried doing that. My mom slapped me hard on my head from the back when I was in my own world enjoying it like that. Never tried it after that

[4] Hehehhe :D

[5] Ah! Thanks for the idea - now we know how to catch you in a crowd. After all - you will be 'one in a million', illa? :D

[6] I think its not that bad actually - sweet baby :D Atleast, you tried to clear the tense atmosphere na? :D

Nautankey said...

Ruth, can also expect a colorful hawaiin shirt :)

Educated about india from CL..hmm not a abad idea,we can probably start from the historic truth that Palin is an indian ;-)

Arpita said...

Ada paavi.. I wonder wat lies u have told me?

And the prospective wife one- s*** i cant believe u want all that!

Nautankey said...

Put myself for bid...hmm dont think there wud be any takers there.It would be a total flop.

I tried that cream thing when i was 4 so mom did not do anything and it became a habit.You cant try such things when you are 20+ lady :).

Yeah yeah one in a billion too bu there are loads of chi-chi, vijaykanth,ramarajan fans out there to give me a fight :). SO have got to struggle.

Nautankey said...

I dont remember telling any truth to you :P :P.So now you can get an idea about it :).

I do see lots of 70s movies with saroja devi doing those things like da vinci painting :P.. got inspired from that you see.And now oyu know any I aint excited over the breakup which was discussed last evening :)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Hallo? I tried that cream thing when I was young only! Not now :P

And there are Ramarajan fans even now? :-o

Nautankey said...

Well thought you tried recently :P and was teaming with ur mom.

Ramarajan maaney..not that individual but his dressing sense which is famous in madurai side. That colorrrful transparent shirt, gold chain,bracelet etc,.,many still do have that on :)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


When those types of dresses come on road - maybe we wouldn't need anymore lighting :D

Prasad said...

ROFLLLlllllllll!!!! @ palin is indian!!! ROFLLlllllllllll!!!!!

Prasad said...

meher ramarajan is commin out wit a movie very soon :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Nautankey said...

But thats the way those rich zaminidars n wannabes dress up. Its in their blood cant help it and as pras said ramarajan is ocming up with "Medhai" his next blockbuster movie..dont miss it :P

Nautankey said...

Palin was actually born near erode her real name was Pallavi..Trust me dude :P..arpita oda singing talent mela sathyama :))

Ruth said...

Now I have to find out from rauf what "ROFLLlllllllllll!!!!!" means (since I can't ask the CL). Does this mean Prasad is happy if Palin is Indian?

Somehow, I don't think so. Now she says she and people from certain parts of America (the rural ones especially) are more American than the rest. Sometimes I wish I were less American, but I can't get out of it that easily. And while I would like to pawn Palin off on you, I don't think it will stick.

Although she might be kinda cute in Bollywood, no? After all, she was dancing while sitting on last week's "Saturday Night Live" - hope you can open it over there.

Nautankey said...

ROFL=Roll on the Floor and Laughing :).

Palin would make BIG bucks in bollywood for sure.And that site did not open here but will go home and first thing will check that :).

About her proclamations and speeches I have to agree with the Monty python guy's opinion,she sounds like a parrot :)

Ruth said...

OH! How embarrassing, ROFL is not Indian. :| Now I feel as dumb as Palin. But hopefully I do not repeat the same tired statements (lies) over and over like a parrot anyway.


Hope you can watch the video at home. Sometimes these stupid videos say "you are not in the U.S. so you can't watch this, you foreigner you."

Nautankey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruth said...

Oh, and I didn't mean any derogatory reflection on your "lies." :D

Anonymous said...

Ramarajan style is the 'in' thing for the season ;)
Will do this tag. Thank you :)

Nautankey said...

Such things happen with abbrevations and acronyms :).

At times comparing Palin with a parrot does seem like insulting the parrots hope some SPCA/PETA activists dont attack us ;-)

Oh that sounds like a 'true' Palin video...lemme check that.

Nautankey said...

Thanks :) and yeah ramarajan is evergreen not seasonal :)

Anonymous said...

Tag done, BTW

Nautankey said...

Rushing there :)

Prasad said...

LOL...LOL....mayb we could coin somethin indian for tht! :DDDDD

and i ws way so ROFLLLLLLLL whn the pakistani priminister met palin!!!! buhahahahahahahahahahaha! she sure is creatin trouble! :P the guy got a death threat for tht!! LOL..LOL!!!

Prasad said...

rightly said N'key!! ramarajan is evergreen i say!!! who can ever forget green pants,yellowshirt, white belt and sheos and PINK lipstick!!! LOL..LOL!!!!

waiting eagerly for Medhai!!! here ramarajan is seen working on a dell laptop!!! Heard Dell is gonna close their factory and start manufacturing calculators :P

vimmuuu said...

1. What pleasure do you get by lying?? LOL

2. Dont worry, every guy wishes for the same. Sigh, they are gonna remain as wishes !!!

3. How old are you? ;)

4. I pity your parents !!! I cant imagine you with the same quirk when you turn 60!!!

5. Seriously?? I thot you dressed pretty well for the meet. Or was it my eye?

6. Thats the sweetest anyone can say! Finding humor in such situations is a nice quality.

Nicely done tag, buddy!

Nautankey said...

Yeah head that zardari was totally smitten by is surprsing bcoz only opposite poles attract each comes two ignormauses like one another :P

Ramarajan will buy Dell :)

Nautankey said...

Well sadistic pleasurs is wat they call it :)..and wishes will remain wishes no doubt :P..for the meet..well I think it was pretty dark :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Ur posts always make laugh!
So next time you find
someone choosing the gawdiest color of dresses or ice cream in baskin n robbins..greet me!
Never Ever ma friend!!! I bet this is another prank of urs to bluff us ;PP

Nautankey said...

A Prank?? well seriously I love to be in the limelight with those bright colors. Infact my chronic lying problem is due to my wish to be in the limelight :) you can take my word on that..better greet me :P

Anonymous said...

wow ,. those sure are the quirkiest i have ever read :P ..
sugar is ok but chocolates .. LOL :D ..
I would love to see u in a green shirt and yellow trousers :D

Nautankey said...

I think ur wish of seeing me in those colors was actually the quirkier than my six :P

Smita said...

lol :D too good, quirky indeed...

BTW i too had that cream waali habit though am no more that ways...

And yes I agree with your sister's idea of putting it up on E-Bay...:D

Nautankey said...

Same pinch abt the cream habit :). The biscuit is pretty boring.

And i dont mind E-bay idea just that there will be no takers and will be on bid for a long time :)

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Nautankey said...