Sunday, January 4, 2009


As I was stuck with the thoughts of what to write for my blog. I realized once again I am being silly,why write specifically for my blog? why not post something which I am writing otherwise. Especially scripts for our group.

One such Work-In-Progess script's rough excerpt are below. Warning: suitable for mature audience :P. Hope after reading this there are no mass new year resolutions taken on not going to my play :D

The situation: A haunted bungalow.
Mr.G - A Fake Ghostbuster dressed up in full black suit and blackshades, sadly stuck in a place with real ghosts.
Gokee - Ghost of an eunuch
[Lights come upon Mr.G fiddling with his gadget]

Gokee [walking in and ruffling the hair of G]: Aah a new full suit! Pretty
interesting. Did you die trying to imitate Will Smith?

Mr.G[Pretty shaken]: Who..Who are you?

Gokee: I am Gokee. Well if you see me as a man I am gokul and if you are sensual enough to
see me as a woman I am the gorgeous gokila.

Mr.G: And what are you doing here?

Gokee: That's my line mister. I am the queen of this place. [gets closer] So tell me sweety what do you want? I have been a man and a woman.I have experienced both and I know it all.

Mr.G : What do you mean?

Gokee: To put it simple. I have experienced both the male and femal orgasms. The male one which you are looking for is the simplest - relatively long frictions result in a small explosion and a little bit of moaning and panting,that's it!!. The woman's is pretty complex I'd say, how do they define it ..a complicated sequence of actions Or hmm wait the dictionary would define it something like - a continous and imperative series of neurophysiological reactions which aims in achieving the climax of sensual much more vague can that get.

Mr.G: Stop that will ya!! I am not here looking for that.

Gokee: Then anything more interesting?...wait a second! you don’t look like a ghost to me. You are.. you are a human.

Mr.G: Well... err ...I am …but did you find it out.

Gokee: I died way back in 1990 in these 15 plus years of service I haven’t seen a ghost with a hard on. So what are you doing over here ?

Mr.G: I am a ghost buster

Gokee: Eh? You mean you have fetish for busts of ghosts, pretty unique I’d say

Mr.G: Shut up!! I am one who chases away ghosts

Gokee: Argh..I have had enough. I was chased a lot when I was alive

Mr.G: Means?

Gokee: Technically speaking I was this woman in a man’s body. Called as eunuch, oh people call me as chakka. My family chased me away when they found this out. Then started my tough struggle in the roads and streets. The cops chased me for money and free service, street urchins chased me for cheap sex, pimps chased me for a cut in commission and finally I died when a group of drunks were chasing me. I fell into a manhole. How oxymoronic, a manhole. Men were chasing me just for that, the hole. And now I have you, who wants to chase me away from here. Funny isn’t it ? being chased even in your afterlife.

Mr.G: I don’t find anything funny. You better leave now or I shall use my super ghost
buster beam. Patented to Ghosts and Spirits inc, busting ghosts the spirited way.

Gokee: Let’s see who is getting busted [Gokila goes into dark. The laughing sound resonates]

Mr.G : Where are you? Now be man enough..err..woman enough …huh.. whatever, be a spirited
ghost and face me.


Tarun Goel said...

A ghost buster and a eunuch's ghost and what a nice conversation.
And the best part is, "Funny, isn't it!! To be chased in your afterlife"

Prasad said...

um jus begining to imagine who is gonna play the gost ;) :P :DDDDDDD

Nautankey said...

Thank you...some are being chased is wat i guess :)

LOL...why don't you take up the challenge :P. My choice is our topstar :D

Sindhu :) said...

I am trying to imagine what the expressions and the body language of the ghost would be :D

Who is the top star?? :D :D

vimmuuu said...

Woaaaah !! There are a lot of inner meanings in the script !!! Is it a surreal play ?

Nautankey said...

The body language part is the toughest.. its a tight rope walk. Cant be too feminine as it may get a EWWww from many at the same time shud also be a bit funny...

topstar is our main lead actor :D.. the sam in our first play,vide of which u may have seen

Nautankey said...

Its a normal comic play..but yeah with lots of reading between the lines.Using the ghosts as a tool to hit out at things which i dont like in the society :)..Got 2-3 more ghosts.

praddy said...


Prasad said...

top star would be the best deal!!!

but i can even think of our Rock star here ;)

vivek said...

Can u add my blog to your blogroll? Will add yours to mine! Just let me know when u have added!

Nautankey said...

ur sigh does sound like making prasad's idea is ur wish


sansmerci said...

had a great laugh! ur the script writer for rebelz? and are the plays this A? i sure m comin next time :D

too creative..pls post more of ur work... wish i cud write plays...:)

PS: r u gonan come to my weddin in that attire as ur profile pic :O

Nautankey said...

Yup yup..I am one of the scritp writers.The plays are not normally this A..actually a bit more :P.. And we dont call it A,it's called bold themes ;). Will post one excerpt every month,that shud be bad enought for my readers :D

Yeah,isnt the attire good?..surely u wud be able to recognize me and haan will add some color :)

Anonymous said...

"blasphemous" this truly is! ;P

Nautankey said...

Now i did leave a warning :P and i guess ur the leader of the group which wud take oath abt not attending my play :D.

Anonymous said...

LOL u seem to be one person to have known 'me' well before u even knew my name ;P!

vvk said...

wud u consider some ads on ur blog?

Nautankey said...

Sure sure :) do remember the reaction for the script i sent u

I wont mind..but not sure abt how the commercial part works.

Anonymous said...

Lol .. :D :D
whens the show ?? :P

Revs said...

Lol! N'key, im just reading this now.Semma soober ba! You have any videos of any of your plays? Unga NRI rasigargalum unga plays paatha maadhri irukumae! (NO NO! Do NOT tell me the Ireland story again!)

Nautankey said...

That show is on hold as of now :)

Nautankey said...

Have got some videos of first play in youtube...u can see them in my orkut videos