Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Last Laugh...

At a shopping mall...
My Wife: No. DON'T take that tee shirt, doesn't suit your age.
Me: It's Funky.
She: That's right. You are too old to be funky.
Me:'s so bright & colorful
She: You are not a rainbow.
Me: Yes...but
She: The argument was over long time back...
At the billing counter
Salesman: Boss...Why don't you get more stuff..We have a discount sale going on for college students.
Me - turning behind and giving her.......the last laugh

At home - Mom reading stories to my four and a half yr old nephew. Followed by his moral after ending of every story.

Story1 - Hare and tortoise
Mom: So what was the moral of the story?
Him: Slow and steady wins the race.

Story2 - The golden goose
Mom: So what was the moral of the story?
Him: Don't be greedy.

Story3 - Jist of Ramayana
Mom: So what was the moral of the story?
Him: Hmmm.. We should not take sita anywhere out.

The atheist in me : The last laugh...which lasted for an hour.
My colleague SJ - who is not a great fan of my theatrical activities. Feels it's a waste of time as the returns are not great.

SJ (introducing his teammate RG): Hi, this is RG.(With an evil smirk) He wanted to speak something with you.
RG: Hi.(After initial formalities). You write scripts right?
Me: Yes..Kind of.
RG: See I have got this wonderful state-of-the-art camera during my last onsite trip. It is a HD camera, with some great features like 20x zoom..blah blah blah...I am having some friends, including two pretty looking girls.
Me: So..?
RG: We are planning to make a short movie. Almost everything is in place. The cam, the actors....we have even got a cool beach resort for rent. Just one thing is missing..we need a story,can you give a script for us.
SJ - Gives me a wink.
Me: Oh I write only VB scripts and macros. I don't know what script you are looking for.
RG: Oh ..I see.. (gives an angry glance at SJ)
Me - The last laugh...


Ashwathy said...

OMG!!! LOL!! Not let Sita out anywhere??? :P How does that help???

The moral should be to get Ram's ass kicked because he doubted his wife on the basis of what the rest of the world said...

I'm sure I will invoke the wrath of a lot of people when I say this, but so be it !!

A said...

Lol, good post after a long time. Why the hell are u not writing more often?

S.. Diva said...

Ha ha... liked all 3 instances
you are back after a while, good to see the laugh

Nautankey said...
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Nautankey said...

Comeone..I see my nephew has done a root cause analysis. The whole problem started after sita was kidnapped...if that had not happened no ramayana :)

Thank write often but am not posting in my blog :)

Thanks a lot..waiting for more from you :)

Fountainhead said...


Ramayana: B$%&H of a soap! But love the way your nephew thinks :-D

Post more!

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Wonderful! Vino at his best..

Addendum to the first incident:

After sometime...
Wife: Wake up! Its half past eight already! ;)

Smita said...

LOL!!! Great to read something from you :)

And Trust me your wife was right, Salesman will say anything do not trust them ;)

And these kids are too smart for there own good!!!

Shruthi said...

yay you are back! and a fun read as always.
@the 3rd 'last laugh', I am sure the look on your colleague's face was priceless ;)

ekta khetan said...

Quite interesting blog...blorolling you now...

Meher :) said...

Please keep your nephew away from you. He's becoming like you.

Nautankey said...

Thank you..yeah ramayana is one of the blandesht and worshtu stories :)

Vrij bhai,
Something like inception wud have been better..wife waking me up, and then pretty girl wakes me up and says ur not yet married.. ;)

Kids..hmm...very soon we shud start a save the parents campaign..tigers can wait.

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot..and yeah sometime we cant find words to explain some expressions..its too tough :) this was one such situation.

Thank you.. :)

Send ur kids to me..I will teach them all the stories :)

Gurgaonflowerplaza said...


Dhanya said...

Hahahaha ! All of the incidents were laugh worthy all right ;) The Sita one was cute :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! that four year olds moral beats vrything!!!!
So happy about your comeback!!!

Priyarajan said...

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