Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year that was - 2011.

Ok it's that time of the year when nondescript political commentators, film-critics, sports columnists - at times all rolled into one like indian news channels who have the same panel of 'experts' discussing defence deals and cricketing debacles - have a party writing about their top 10, bottom 10 and middleton. The end result is some megabytes of cyber waste.

Me being the not-so considerate cyber user has decided to contribute to that ... here goes my list of top i-dunno-wat

a) A wonderful 3 months trip to Copenhagen....had some lovely as well as not-so lovely time

Lovely bcoz of the following reasons
  • Blond girls
  • Blond girls in clear heels
  • Blond girls playing volleyball in the beach
   Err...that's the top 3 reasons..incredible isn't it. The other ones
  • A place where indian english and accent is not the funniest
  • Ppl stopping and watching us with confused looks...when we are playing cricket that is.
  • Was back to my bachelor days..and realized my booze resistance is not the same as it was 5years ago..ah age is catching up
  • Ofcoz was paid in a currency which was more than INR
  • Blond ...ok I stop it here.
No-so lovely bcoz
  • Missed the chaos
  • Had a visit to germany- which made me feel why didn't the americans nuke germany...argh..hated the place and no i aint buying a BMW or Audi or Merc ever ever in my life... well not that there were too many affordable..either way.
  • And yeah..i was single..come on there was no one to blame when things go wrong.

b) Moved into my new apartment. There is a saying in tamil "Get a wedding done and get a house built".. means both are financially exhaustive. One can never estimate the costs and none ever knows all the nuances.

If building the house part is smoother,trust me the moving in and settling down will make sure it sucks out  everything left. Guess I can write a whole series of blogs on this.

c) Managed to stage 2 shows with my theatre group. Was a miracle indeed,what with 80% of the team members being offshored.

d) Hearing quite a few voices speaking inside me..and asking me to write a book. I hope it would be a bigger best seller than some of the holy scriptures going around.

e) There was some point in the year where I was completely lost with gadgets, bikes n cars..was using lot of smileys in mails and worst started loving justin beiber's music(i know that's a oxymoron) was like some teenage girl's spirit taking over me. Thanks to non-stop rambo movies, absolut, JD and their ilk, the spirits are gone now tho.

New-year wishes..
- Wish SRK stops acting...Anna stops fasting...and obama starts working
- To enter politics
- Stop drinking
- Reduce social networking
- Write more on this blog :-).

Last but not the least..I wish the calendar app used by mayans had crashed,hence there was no 2013 for them ;-).. the world is still so beautiful...


Smita said...


It was fun reading something from you, hope you be regular here!!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!! u were missed :) 1 thing abt 2011 - u blogged veryy lill! and heres an external voice pinning u down for a book! ordered in advance :)
happy new year!
i did think of chiding u and blackmailing u with the wifey question for all those blonde stories - bt i guess il reserve tht fr vimmuuu :D

Nautankey said...

Happy new year...and yes hopefully would be more regular here. Thats my new yr resolution :)

Verby chechi,
Happy new year to u and H boy..Thanks a lot for all the support. Poor vimmuuu :)

Ruth said...

Glad to hear you'll be posting more here!

All the best for the New Year!

Bhargavi said...

so you blogged after a century.. Happy new year!

Nautankey said...

Thanks for dropping by :) will keep posting more

Happy new year..and to blog is one of me new year resolutions ;)

gwl said...

Really funny.....

Aarti said...

Damn, i was so sure i left a comment here eons ago.. looks like it was in my head!!

Hows u doing? have a good year ahead.. back in chennai or off somewhere exotic again?