Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For the darkest night of my nation.

I saw the blood flowing and the Taj in flames,
even though it was only on TV screens

I could feel the terror going thru the innocent's veins,
and imagining their frightful screams

Loved ones waiting for them to return,
not knowing bullets are buring their dreams.

Killers unbothered about flesh & blood fighting for an unseen god
who can only make sure they rot in hell's regimes

We will make them pay for every blood spilt
And defeat their pay master's evil schemes

The cowardly act will shatter many a lives
but we won't cower,that's how India survives.. that's how democracy and freedom thrives


Curious said...

Disgusting how ppl can kill in the name of a peaceful religion...

I thought the younger generation had an ingrained value of sense and logic...but acts like these only prove how empty some of our brains can be!!! Shame!

I hope all the bloggers in Mumbai and their familes are safe and sound!

Sindhu :) said...

Truly said!

But it would be nice to see the govt actually doing something rather than just boring repetition of statements that 'they are trying to break the spirit of India, but we will not let them'!!

Anonymous said...

scene is very bad there.. it gives me a fright to think that only few months before I had waited in that station which is now covered in blood! Hope and pray this comes to an end!

Prasad said...

i hope the bastds burn in hell!!

honey said...
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Tarun Goel said...

My bro messaged me at 3 in the early morning[from bombay] saying I am fine.
I was like, What the hell!! and this time it is real hell :(

Bedazzled said...

written well .. it's disgusting how india is turning into a dangerous place to live in .. let the b******s rot in hell..

Gayathri said...

I am sick of blaming the govt. I want to do something. I really don't know what. I have been so angry since I read the news this morning. We should be able to do something, right?

Anonymous said...

The night has still not ended....seems like it is going on and on!! Disgusting!

Ruth said...

I was driving to the grocery store for last minute Thanksgiving ingredients, and I heard this report on the radio, but I had turned on the radio after they said where. I could tell it was India, and I immediately put my head and heart around my friends in Chennai. Found out later it was Mumbai.

I am so sorry for this horrible violence. I wish such crazy people didn't have such power over life and death. I mean the crazies in governments too, like mine.

It is a sad pall on my Thanksgiving. Welcome to the real world. Such is our life in these days.

I know it's far away, but I'm glad you're fine Nautankey.

Ruth said...

I hope the hostage situation will come out ok. Sending all my prayers east.

Smita said...


Praddy said...

I just hope our govt gets some spine and takes some serious action!

Nautankey said...

Now its like anyone can be made terrorist...previously we had this image of uneducated, deprived youth..everything has gone for a toss.

Am afraid thats what we are going to hear :(

Finally the ordeal gets over

Nautankey said...

They will but before that they r making sure to send many more innocents there :(

Hell is an understatement...its something unimaginable.

Nautankey said...

Very true..i guess its right time to disband IB n RAW..not of much use.waste of tax payers money... I think the failed intelligence officials are bigger b**trds than the terrorists

Nautankey said...

Its so helpless...everyone's hart is bleeding and we want to do something but then am afraid nothing may actually happen... this is the 15th attack on mumbai in 15 years and we haven't been able to do anything :(

Nautankey said...

Tanks for ur concerns.Chennai went out of radar due to a cyclone..but the kinda ordeal people in mumbai had gone thru, I dont think mine is anywhere near it.

Nautankey said...

The days n nights have ended.. leaving so many dead and the image of india as a superpower totally thrashed.We ARE a 3rd world country which cant safeguard its citizens n worse its guests too

Nautankey said...

:( :(

Spine? and indian govt? ur joking right? there will be some all part meets,the leaders wil meet the affected in hospital n give impotent enquiry commission will be set will be forgotten until the next attack

n.aka.zephyr said...

It is the worst ever attack this country has seen and its shocking and senseless... and will take a very long time to recover... :(

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden, you think it's time that you do something more than cribbing. And you actually take steps towards it. But the pressure from society, parents, peers. Dammit! Acc. to these people, working for the welfare of the country means to join civil services and only that. Politics? You're crushed even before you file your nomination papers... Like Dee says, there ought to be something that we can do!

vishesh said...


Anonymous said...

hats off to u for coming up with a poem like this ..
we are indeed too strong to get affected by this ...

as for the coward bastards .. i would iike to see them burn here not in hell ..
sick ..they are sick ...
fuckin cowards ..thats what they are

Nautankey said...

I somehow think we are gonna repeat the statements after another attack :( we simply r not equipped to defend nor to attack the roots of this problem.

Nautankey said...

I Know all these thigns r pointless..calling names @ terrorist and signing online petitions.Simply useless..may be you get a place to vent ur feelings out..but thats all.

Not sure what we can do..sadly this is supposed to be a democracy and we dont have much choice to do something.Our leaders[be in the ruling party or opposition]are spineless so we can just sit n crib :(

Nautankey said...


Hope one of them coems back form the dead and tells all those morons that he was fried in hell and there was no heaven for his act...nor were there any virgins.waiting for him.