Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It eez awards time...

Thanks to verby, I have got a pretty butterfly as an award from her. Actually this is the second award in my 25+ years of existence[celebrities don't reveal their true age..ok wannabe celebs too]. The first being the stainless steel tiffin box I won for sack race in my 3rd Grade [Once upon a time me too was an athlete].And aah, I also did win a sachin tendulkar poster during my high school days,this was in a "name-the-chimp" contest by camel stationeries. I named the chimp as Simbu[apologies to his fans].

Without beating about bush or Mccain, lemme detail some rules about this award.
  1. Put the logo on your blog
  2. Link the person who awarded it to you
  3. Link the bloggers you are about to honour

The ones I would pass it on to are:
Sindhu Meher - Because kids love awards :-)
Praddy - The one who introduced me to blogging[now those who can't stand my posts you know where to send the email bombs to :P] and taught a few tricks.
Prasad - Reasons?..Hmm..bcoz he is Maamz :) Actually he typifies the adjective cool to the tee.
Curious cat - The most artistic blogger I have come across.
Aparna - Well... bcoz she is the mother of A ...LOL!!
Bhargavi - Bcoz I respect elders a lot ;-)

I would love to award everyone in my blogroll but then not too sure how many would like this...And yes folks please pass on the awards. I wish all are happy and there is world peace [aren't these the words Miss World awardees parrot :)].


Curious said...

Wow... Actually atleast one butterfly after 5 yrs long years in the blogging world! :D :D

Danks n'key...Where's the party tonight then? :P

Sindhu :) said...

So all of us get a butterfly too or do we have choices? :D

Anonymous said...

Danke!! Am honoured to receive this award. It is quite a job to be A's mom! phew!!!
Or mabbe you wanna give it to A?!

Anonymous said...

btw, thanks for another thing ;)

praddy said...

waiting for the first of the email bombs :P:P

n.aka.zephyr said...

What no award for me??? Will have to bribe you with more HAW the next time around :D

vimmuuu said...

congrats buddy!!! I got to display mine too.

rauf said...

Hoyee Natwarlaala Nautank ! Kyo hovey ? Kee haal hai ?

You too Brutoo ?? Whatoo ? you toos fell for this award thing ? Its kinda silly. its okkay for sweet sweet Chokrees for exchanging accepting colourful, flowery butterflyee gulab jamooni, ice creamy chocklatee moochee moochee awards. and it looks nice on them. Is your bheja frozen in the rains ?

Nautankey said...

Party?? are'nt u the one who shud give me a treat for this.

Butterfly is the only one available..send me the paper with ink dots will get u a rabbit :P

Nautankey said...

No mentions...i know how tough it is,seeing my sis doing loads of running around..But did not get for what the other thanks was :)

Nautankey said...

See I am a benovelent god wanted sindhu to have some people to pass it on..So missed u to be taken care by sinds :P

Nautankey said...

Hope some letter bombs too come in :)

Danks..and congrats to u too.

Nautankey said...

I knew this is not a macho or a mature thing to do but u see did not have anything else to write. kinda bheja frozen..only thing i cud write is abt rain n thought a butterfly wud make the blog look prettier :)

Prasad said...

holy hell i actually win a award!! :O :O !!!!

Bedazzled said...

So i am getting a senior citizen award huh ? nyways thanks a ton ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow ... congratz dude ...

Nautankey said...

Now the post miss universe award winnign post..ur a theatre artist i say

Nautankey said...

Welcome welcome...i give respect n take respect.

Thanks a lot dude