Thursday, December 25, 2008

Les Scribblings.....

I know my frequency of unloading crap here is getting pretty high, let's say as high as Salman's flops and those with sanity wud try hard to catch up and fail, akin to Amarsingh's attempts of catching up with a speeding PT.Usha [pronounced as ushey by her fellow statemates]...the obvious expected excuses can be something like "You know a celebrity script writer's life,too many things to occupy.Wachowski bros have just fixed an appointment with me"..."Oh I was really busy with this challenging project at work..which was about increasing the lending rates of blah...blah..blah"..or something even better... "Gimme a break folks, I have time just enough to take my girlfriend to candle lit dinner at spanish restaurants..cuddling up with her in inox.. and swiping her billionaire dad's credit card all over the city".

Sadly I have not done any of the above mentioned attractive activities and remained a lazy bum roaming pointlessly and covering 50kms a day in my bike which gives a nice vibrating effect to some unmentionable parts of your body making you lie down on your face in the nights..ok hold your breath..that was one looong sentence.

Our show got over last sunday and I am happy as well as sad. Happy that all the 3 shows were houseful and the response overwhelming, sad that it is over and my good old friend- emptiness has crept back. No check lists to see if things are in place, no deadlines to pursue, no asses to keep kicking and following up.

The only thing I do at work is conduct technical interviews to recruit for our new client. And am pretty confused with these interviews and our auditions, trust me when I think the reason why I reject a candidate is his/her mother tongue influence or lack of stage presence....something tells me there is a praablem. I mean why do we need all those things for a mundane programmer. Luckily I have this judging sheet with reasons and I tick the logical reasons. The best part is my boss, who conducts the second round of interview. He is a music fanatic and rejects people saying their voice is bad and they won't sound good to the client with whom we wud be havin only phone communicaton. Thinking about it I feel happy and confident abt my singing prospects as he had chosen me...MLTR here I come :)

I am so sure and can swear on Obama's six packs that the past 4 days have been the most wasted and uninteresting part of the year for me. Other than learning how to operate my new Sony flat screen, untie the lace of my reebok shoe and polishing my Rolex watch [Yup!! I bought them all in a binge shopping spree and I love boasting].. there has been nothing happening.

Wow!! I have written more than 150 words about emptiness, signs of a great writer I say.The emptiness does make me think..I know, serious thoughts and me ? It's is like a tweety bird tattoo on arnold's arms..a real misfit. That's what happens with emptiness, makes us feel weird and question what we r gonna do in life...our priorities and folks around us.

The more I think about it the more uneasy it makes me emotional that I end up hearing himesh reshammiya for 2hours at a stretch or at worse stage try to find the eye lashes of our PM manmohan singh. Still I am not gonna let this make me feel down, I am a mentally strong guy who has withstood a live concert of udit narayan singing in tamil and had a new year resolution list which had marrying pamela anderson as one of the things to-do.

Ten years ago there was no emptiness as I need to study..get a good job..and a decent pay packet so that I need not sell my kidney or wife's mangal sutra for getting milk bikis for munna.. After I got a job there still were so many thing to learn in my career like back biting, ditching team mates, finding the marital status of the pretty girls in office etc,.,

Now this emptiness and question of purpose comes in..well..nothin serious probably spend my life having fun, eating & drinking in the best restaurants with pals, doing plays and yeah there r more pretty girls in the new office so find their marital status..but this emptiness...aargh get a bottle of Absolut Vodka puhhleasee..letz fill it up. Waiting for the weekend....

In case I get too drunk to put a new post. Wish ya all a happy new year!! and let there be happiness alone in this year.Try to be happy with the small things life has to offer...bcoz thanks to recession big things aint coming my friend.


Sindhu :) said...

You know... the college days are the best! There is never an empty day!

The day you start working - your bad time starts. You have money, you have name, you have work and continuously surrounded by people and you still feel lonely sometimes! What a life!

Here's hoping 2009 brings lots & lots of happiness & riches for you!

Talking about riches, you seem to be rich already ;) ! Pudhu Sony flat screen, pudhu rolex, pudhu reebok - pramaadham :D

Have fun! Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

Though I crib about how college sucks, i'm secretively enjoying it, i guess. And my new year resolution is to live life 1 letter at a time.

Arun said...

//"Thinking about it I feel happy and confident abt my singing prospects as he had chosen me...MLTR here I come :) "
hehe ! next time we'll sendya up with Danny ;)

pudhu watch,TV,shoe?! kalakara chandru !!! :P

ah emptiness,the ol' nemesis ! sigh !

happy new year mate !

Aparna said...

Wow!! a long post...break from tying up your shoelaces? :)
Ok...thinking what would happen if I attended an interview at your company! Rejected at first level or sneak through cos I am your friend ;) and blatant rejection at second...
Recession!! yeah right!! Be happy with small things and nice big hearts - the latter would be around don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

1. Your opening is completely untrue..your appearance n this space is so rare that at times i feel like picking u up by the ear and make u write with a stick in my hand!

2. I too was suffering frmn emptiness and was thinking to wrie abt it! there u stole my topic! ;P

3. thnx for the brand names..i got rid of my guilt for not sponsoring.

4. Declaring myself as a fan of ""your writing"".. u just rant about emotiness and tying shoe laces..and Im like 'wow' ;P imagine if u wrote smethng serious!

PS: wrote in points coz dnt wanna forget or miss somthing!

Praddy said...


I was feeling the emptyness in me after the show and here i stumble upon you mentioning it that too.

lol @ the interview, maybe you can ask them to answer questions in different levels of voice..1-5 and 5-1..scale..hehe

Sony flat screen, reebok, whoa rolex!! did you loot a bank or your company?? hehe

good post dude

Abhishek said...

"I have written more than 150 words about emptiness, signs of a great writer I say".
Try doing that in 140 and you would be a great 'Tweeter' I say ;)

BTW, what do you recruit ppl for?

Nautankey said...

Rich?? the reebok and rolex were name sakes..means fake-os :)).. still need to boast abt them na. Happy new year to u too and hope 2009 witnesses another engagement at ur place :)

Nautankey said...

True we hate college when we are in it..and then once we r in jobs we start missign it.

Even the job part I am pretty sure many wud love it.Ask those who had been given the pink slips :)

Nautankey said...

Well I dont mind joining danny, provided danny does not dump his guitar and the houseful show becomes empty house show :)

Appy new year too

Nautankey said...

There is one more round after the voice test :P..the business head, not too sure what he checks for. And hey ur voice is not that 2 rounds u can take for granted :)

Big hearts is something so easy to have...or is it?

Nautankey said...

verby chechi,
Ello check my previous post.just 2 days ur allegations are not true.and err ur reminding me of my maths teacher with that stick and ear pulling :P

Brand names tho are so easy to buy. The reebok tag is available for 15rs @ parrycorner :).

If i wrote something serious, trust me the fan wud slice me with its blade :))

Nautankey said...

dank yous. interviews..yeah shud start with the warm-up exercises... the candidate wud run for his/her life :P.

loot? ello i am handling the cash for this show remember..buhahaha

Nautankey said...

Welcome..never tried the tweeter thingy yet :)

Recruiting for an ECM(content management)tool.

Sindhu :) said...


Sure... I'll host your engagement at my place :D Just tell me who the girl is and when's the big date :D :D

Nautankey said...

Very funny..we know ur next in line and are waiting with that "i am next" board in ur sis's wedding :P.. ur orkut snap is a tesimony for that ;).

Ruth said...

It's just like anything, Nautankey, the expectations are higher than actuality. Most of life is rather mundane. And after the height of excitement and drama in the play, life is bound to feel like a letdown.

Did you write the play? It sounded a wee bit like your life. :)

Sindhu :) said...


That pic was NOT from my sister's engagement :D It was from my brother's marriage - a time when my sister's engagement was not yet fixed :P

Kanupriya said...

U mean u had marrying pam andy on ur new year resolution list :O ??? Now that was some resolution I must say :P

Nautankey said...

this is called pottu vaanguradhu..see now what we have got here..a confession. That u were having the "i am next board" even bfore ur sis's engagement :P. not fair I say...

Nautankey said...

Pam andy was in the 2001 new year list.You would say it is far mroe better if u come to know that I had rakhi sawant in my 2007 list :)

Nautankey said...

Yeah the silence after the storm kinds.After all the drama nothing to do but relax.Hate those words though 'taking rest' 'relaxing'... IMO performing and writing are biggest relaxation one can get :)

The show was a collection of 3 plays+ a prologue+ epilogue..wrote one of the plays and the pro+epilogue.

Sindhu :) said...

Rakhi Sawant???

You are kidding right??

And HALLO??? I just happened to be dressed up well and happened to look good too :D I was not really holding up a board! How could I cheat my sister :P

Nautankey said...

Rakhi wud make a true mahalakshmi :P,got smitten after seeing her in a pop video.Those were days without much reality shows where in u can see the real rakhi.

And dressing up like that is as good as holding a board.And where is the cheating in it,u just do a reservation and wait for the line to be cleared :P

Smita said...

Thanks for not writing a poem :)

I know my frequency of unloading crap here is getting pretty high, let's say as high as Salman's flops Am angry :-X

Emptines....we all go thru that phase once in a while :) so chuck it and be happy :))

Himesh uncle??? seriously????

Nautankey said...

Welcome.You are spared :)...and u salman fan..LOL..he had 4 this year cud not get anyone else :P

Himesh uncle and at times anu malik too :(..i know even anu himself wont be hearing his compositions but then the emptiness u know !!

Smita said...

I am a biiiiiiiiig Salman Khan fan... in love with him ;) and yes I was disappointed with 4 duds...sigh!!! bad year for him...

But emptiness is no excuse for listening to those buggers...shoo!!! them away pick a bright book :)

I know I'll regret saying this but why don't try writing a horrible poem...seriously it is fun. Try to make it as horrible as possible..pick a silly word and rhyme the poem on it...take my word you'll be grinning :)

vimmuuu said...

Boy oh Boy, that was one 'avial' post!
Where are you working and are you serious about your boss way of recruiting people? LOL. Here I come !!!

Nautankey said...

Book...and me..errr...wrong number :P. The emptines reached heights last nite and did somethin drastic,watched Drona :( was pathetic.

Poetry..hmm sounds like a good idea..rhyming words...lemme start smita..maatha..beeta :P

Nautankey said...

Danks and man will make sure u r rejected in first boss will give his post to urs if he hears u singing :)

Bedazzled said...

That was a seriously a "sloshed, pissed , over and out Post " !!! .. Milk bikis for munna ? hee hee .. u r on a roll , bugger .. umm .. sony and rolex .. my, my .. someones been flexing all those muscles ..swiping the credit card, obviously .. u r boss is right .. anyone who thinks that his voice is crap shudnt get hired in the fist place..u obviously need to sing well to be able to write code ..and the emptiness .. will go away .. u have recently become jobless after a long period of busy-ness .. enjoy while it lasts .. and happeee new year

rauf said...

So, you don't seem to have major problems. for the New year i wish you a billionaire father-in-law and his credit card. oh i forgot, along with a credit card comes a wife. is that any good ? Can you just get the credit card and tell your father in law to keep his daughter safe ? please give me a call when you have the credit card in your hands, i have some ideas what to do with it.
i think you need some gas Nautank. Not peterol, i meens real gas, like indole or Hydrogen sulphide ??

Anonymous said...

Lol ..
nice to knw that u were planning to sell a kidney for ur munna :P better to knw that now that u have a job u need not do anything like that :P
U people are still recruiting ? :o
I hope they are not freshers :P
cuz my freinds are still waiting and cursing ur company for not giving them joining date :P

Tarun Goel said...

So kidney seller,how are you now?? :P
Happy New year in advance

Nautankey said...

Well waiting for the credit bill and the insolvency notice :P. I thought he wud be cheking dancing skills so that people can dance to his tunes :).

Yeah trying to enjoy...but all attempts are in vain.

Nautankey said...

Aren't we men simple,modest beings if I dont have a wife I wont need a credit card at all :).And my sasur wud be more than happy to part with the girl..err..arent we talking like total day dreamers. First lemme get that millionaire father in law :)

Hydrogen sulphide??? err..happy with liquid revitalizers :)

Nautankey said...

Yeah seeing the pink slips around shud be hapyp abt being in a job.

And nop we r not taking frehsers, its 3+ :).So hopefully the curses wont affect me.

Nautankey said...

Kinda got better,thanks to the heady weekend :)

Have a great 2009 buddy..happy new year

vishesh said...

a pretty entertaining read :)

sansmerci said...

ooooooooo on a roll eh?

thanks a million for showerin burrp with reviews :) and addin some restaurants too ... i live in velachery and it din strike me add em...and hey looks like we r neighbors, i ve tried every place u have in our area.. ahem... where do u stayexctly? i mean if u can answer that here...

btw, i ve voted 'best of burrp' for a few of ur reviews... hope u get free movie tickets this week :D

PS: i ll read the post in a bit and comment on that

Nautankey said...

Thanks?? hello!! as i had mentioned ur the one to whom many owe thanks :).

Have left a rather looong comment in ur space.

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot..looks like i am gonna give a competition for arvind's entertainment blog :)

sansmerci said...

sorry ... i ve been tied up... will read ur post soon and comment.. but hey.. m here to formally invite u to pick up ur award from my blog :)

Anonymous said...

love it... love ur blog as well... :D

Nautankey said...

Ailaaa so much of formality :).. Picked it up!!

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot..and loved the picture in ur new post :)

sansmerci said...

finally i got time to read the post and comment.. nice one.. i like such random blabberings it kinda feel nice to read and relate :)

Nautankey said...

Thank yous..Yeah no opinions/contorversies just blabbering out a chain of events :) it's fun