Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thinking out loud.

Thanks to all the tags I was able to get out of a small block which I was going thru,but now with our show nearing I better not have any blocks and clogs.

Wanted to write more about the Mumbai blasts,but then there is a sudden vaccuum which envelopes me, followed by an all encompassing numbness.What is the point in venting it out in virtual world, signing petitions, calling names etc,. I find it adding on to the frustration and helplessness.Meanwhile came across this hard-hitting article by Gnani, it makes us raise more questions.

Something which my layman senses fail to grasp is the blasting of politicians. Accepted, most if not all of them are corrupt and hopelessly selfish,but then they have not jumped from the skies.They are a part of the system,so the blame is equally on the whole nation and every individual. We had a peace march where politicians were mocked and names called. Leaving alone the questions about whether there was a protest march when a fellow indian was beaten to death[by indians] just bcoz he came in search of livelihood to a different city,I still get questions,questions and more.

Mumbai[and the other 'metro' cities] has a voter turnout percentage which is pretty low compared with 'troubled' jammu and kashmir.When we don't participate in the process of selecting our rulers why hold them responsible now.It's like an atheist blaming god for the tsunami.

The oft repeated excuse is ofcourse - none of them are worth to be voted to power, why should I vote. But that too does not hold good now with 490 [though it's final implication are not known yet]. During the previously held assembly elections I had resoved to make use of this provision but was warned by friends and family about backlash from the party poll observers. After seeing quite a number of thugs around the polling booth my bravery failed and I cowered[though one of my friend's parents did do it successfully].Voted for a guy who I thought was the most educated and the best amongst the lot,as expected he lost. Felt really hopeless and had an urge to take a AK-47,go door-to-door and kill the so called elite class who did not move their ass out during election day,but sat in their couches and were watching/analysing/criticizing the results

If I did sound like painting a glorious pic of our netas,well that was not my aim. My only grouse when I saw the angry protesters was the knowledge everyone had in advance -it was a march in vain, may have given fodder for the news hungry media, may have given platform for some NGOs but whats the change that can be done with this.Though it hurts, the answer is ...Zilch

Phew!!When i started this blog I had resolved not to write about religion and politics but then looks like its not gonna leave me :)..

Also take this oppurtunity to thank Bhargavi and Vimmuuu for their sweet awards. Bhargavi for the "Proximidade" scroll .
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And Vimmu for a shiny little cup..The first I have got in my life,thanks dude.

Passing the awards on to Curious, Sindhu, Zephy, Verby, Kanupriya ..hmm guess all others have got them.

And have also got verby aka abhithakuchalambal's tag to do. Movie Quirks of mine, I rarely watch movies at theatre, so pretty limited list I have here.

  1. I wanna watch the movie from the beginiing,right from the first films division reel they play[it's not more done though] till last line of the credits rolling out.I curse my friends due to whom I may end up missing the first few scenes,even if it is seconds.
  2. I can watch movie with anyone,I mean no restrictions in going out to movies with met-a-few-secs bfore pals.I feel watching movie and later discussing about it makes us get closer and well acuqainted.
  3. I have an OCD with regards to leak points in movie halls.I hate to use them unless until the situation is explosive :P
  4. Love to watch the movies of big stars and the kinda frenzy the fans go once the hero comes on stage.I get goosebumps and used to wish someday I will be a hero like that :)
  5. Used to re-enact the scenes of some average/mediocre[let's leave the names now] stars at home in front of mirror.
  6. Hate couples who make out in movie halls,not that I am jealous just that I feel it is sick.

That's all so far....This looks like a 4 in 1 post :)..not too sure about my time till 21st december, so thought of getting everything done.


Curious said...

Gee thanks dude! :D Now where the hell am I gonna find another 8..Everyone's taken.... :(

And wah wah enna dedication blogging ku.. That you finish up all the pending posts before the Oscar performance.. :P :P

** On ur actual post

I actually get bored by reading/debating things too political... I see no use use jus talking and reviewing our leaders actions..Something must be done other than jus that! I must somehow agree on the points you've stated though...

I agree that it's within our reach to choose the right ppl to speak ut our concerns and I will vote first and only debate and review others actions!

Anonymous said...

4 in 1 you to do something like that!

About franchise, absolutely with you. Those who cannot move to the polling booths to vote better shut up. I am pretty skeptical about 49-0 though. How many would opt for it, would it be enough?, will it just become a waste of time, energy and money? I would rather educate people to choose the best among the lot given -like someone educated, honest and loyal...weirdly I wanted to add patriotic to that list.
Will catch your stepping stone towards a Tony/Oscar on 21st. Bringing along a few friends, do I get some eggs/tomatoes?

Ruth said...

Our political system is so limited to the two "business" parties: Democrats and Republicans, not voting is a bad idea. I don't know enough about India's parties and system to know, but I feel for you. I know some think their "voice" is best expressed with no vote. And I wonder if some think the vote doesn't make a difference, much like what you said about the protests. I dunno.

I'm with you about watching the movie from the very first second, credits can be some of the best parts (thinking the first Daniel Craig Bond movie, wow, gorgeous credits). If anyone is talking or making noise I go Rambo!


Smita said...

What purpose does the march serve???

Well after participating in it I felt I have voiced my opinion, I also know that Mr Vilasrao had to get down after the march, the pressure was mounting on him. The march somehow symbolised the fact that the so called dormant middle class can also come out on streets and our number is such that politicians can have night mares ;)

vimmuuu said...

"It's like an atheist blaming god for the tsunami"...too much of Kamals DASA !!

I am coming up with something important buddy, and I seriously need your help !! Will let you know in a couple of days time.

Loved the tag and we have certain quirks in common.Donno if you have checked my version.

sansmerci said...

congrats! and keep up hte good work.. thts a very diff award to win .. hopin to follow ur blog regularly! write more often!

Nautankey said...

Dont worry u can give it to even 1 person,..and see 4 posts make my post count higher

Yah even i felt typing out this whole psot was in vain..but then it gave some kinda satisfaction as i had ranted it out :)

Nautankey said...

I think 49O if implemented properly can do wonders...but like all other laws in our country implementation is the headache :(

Waiting to see you and yeah no tomatoes/ biscuits,diamonds are welcome, thought they may hurt more :P

Nautankey said...

O'er here the multi party system is a farce..fianlly it boils down to congress or BJP and the kind of allainces they have had in a regional level.Not voting is a bad idea but if there are laws which can let me say 'hey all the candidates r good for nothing I deserve a better one' or some law which can pull back the chosen candidate during his mid-way tenure as he was incompetent...nothing like that. Politicians will know people still have the power.

Rambo!! :) good choice.Last week had trouble in movie hall as we had to confront one guy who was going on n on in mobile... etiquettes have gone for a toss now.

Nautankey said...

I agree it gave many of them a platform for the first time.But my grouse was it shud not end up as a one time march n all the energy need to be streamlined for some positive change..something which doesnt seem to happen.

Not sure abt the march n deshmukh's downfall.. heard RGV is claiming credits for that :).

Guess our whole generation has never had an issue which pushed us into the to the independence struggle for our grandpas, emergency n MISA form our dad's generation, mandal commission for the 90s youngsters,the anti-hindi protests for a generation in TN..they all lead to a social change,something which we can't expect out of here.

And politicians? they r damn good in playing with people's memories..wish something for long run is done,else it wud end up as 2week's headlines :(

Nautankey said...

Wud rather say influence of Anbe sivam :)...i can't stand dasa.

Yup did see the common quirk,hope folks dont think i copy-pasted :P

Nautankey said...

Hey thanks a lot :)...shud be able to post more after a week

Anonymous said...

hey thnks for doing the tag:) as u said 4 in one :) thnks a ton for the award too..

Nautankey said...

Verby, much of formalities :).. No mensuns

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Hey I posted my proud moments on my blog last nite :-) and yea will pass on these to others soon...thanks once again!