Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am alive.

A post to indicate I am still alive and kicking or rather being kicked around. Just a list of random rants and more of a diary entry, those who find it narcissist are welcome to punch their computer screens and leave a few abusive comments. I am sucker for comments you see...

  • I passed a business certification exam. The exam reminded me of the vodafone ad. Three folks who wrote ahead of me flunked and I was waiting for the result on screen...had my heart in my eyes[heart in mouth is a bit overused I feel]. Finally when it was thru I realized the state of mind that guy the ad shud have been in :-), ran to my seat and buzzed everyone in my IM list about the results,and ofcoz was giving gyaan on preparation methods[consultation only for girls though]...aah success is indeed good.

  • Going for a trip this weekend, so expect a travelogue in this space. Hadn't written a travelogue for pretty long time, should be better than my poetry I can assure.

  • An ex-colleague called up. She is back to india after 2 years, after a 20mins chat she sms-es me.. hey what happened to you, you sound so professional,no flirting committed?. reminded me of this...duh again.

  • Getting totally pissed with the jago re ads and now TOI has joined the "You Better Vote" campaign with people making promises on their kids' heads...A BIG WTF... Not voting is also my right isn't it, why an emotional blackmail for that. Why don't they have the balls to start a public campaign asking parties to avoid selecting candidates with legal cases on them. I went thru my constituency's probable list of candidates..and I am resolved - I better sit at home than voting for any of these morons.Nop I aint going to the polling booth and giving a letter to the officier saying I am not voting,I want to live longer :-)

  • Thanks to the new diet regime, lost 3kgs and a few inches of the waistline.Not that I feel like a size-zero kareena, it's just that feeling light does change a lot of things. Saved all my old dresses which were not fitting me, can wear those round necked tees without being bothered about the protruding tummy[and dread that question - how many months :P] and most importantly can climb the stairs without panting...but the things we need to give up for pain no gain is true.

  • Started my very long cherished plan of learning guitar. I am this going-to-join-guitar-class-next-month music enthusiast for the past 10 years. Keeping fingers crossed to see if I can continue this for 2months.

  • Another woman's day came and went. I know it's a pointless exercise yet a particualr forward made me smile. Here it is.. Titled "Advantages of being a woman"...

    • All they need to do to get a seat on the bus is get pregnant
    • Can see the light at the end of the warehouse-sale tunnel
    • They dont' look dopey prancing around in aerobics class
    • Women can get drunk on less liquor than men
    • Women can be "Miss", "Mrs" or "Ms.. men are the plain boring "Mr"
    • Women and children go first into the life boat
    • Can cry their way out of speed tickets
    • Wanna get out ofgym class? Can Pretend of having a period
    • They name ships after women...aah yeah hurricanes too


Smita said...

Duh! To the advantages! Share the diet regime man! And yes! Anything written by you (besides your poems) will always be better than your poems ;-) congrats for clearing the exam!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the certification. Also on the losing inches part!

Reading that gave me a much needed shove towards my gym :D

Please vote. Please vote. Please vote. Tick off your name, take the ballot, drop it in without any marks... Puhlease!

Prasad said...

clap clap the clap!!! mountain mele unaku bums :DDD

wonderful mamz! 3 kgs!!! ippo oru salman mathri irrukaiO???

and seriously even if u dont vote ur vote will be cast :P booth capturing dude!

Revathi said...

nice post!!
been reading all your posts and they are quite addicting i must say!!

you are the sole reason for loss of productivity in my company today nautankey!!
You you you!!

(Talk about nautankey!! :P)

Aaarti said...

Orre the kalakals i see.. Nice nice!!

Congrats on exam
way to go on your new look

and where are the biker dudes off to this weekend?? ensoiiii!!!!
been a long time since we meet..

Nautankey said...

Thank you.Diet Regime..hmm so wats the cost for the dietician :P. Let know the mail Id if ur serious.

Thanks you * 2 :). Whats the point in voting like that?.Looks like I just want to prove a point naa.. but to whom? I am satisfied with my duties as citizen.

Salman-a..cha cha ghajini amir rangela build kuduthu kittu irukkein :P.

That true,once my dad went to vote in noon by that time his vote was cast :D

Nautankey said...

Honored..honored really honored. Now don't do the weekly billing under my name :D ..And about the millions of dollars lost,lets ask for a bailout :D

Thank yous a lot...and not bikers but on train.

Yeah missed the madras players play last weekend thanks to the exams.And ofcoz the nikhil jinx :D

Prasad said...

maunam = the samadham! so mala mele bums for the sure :D

Smita said...

Cost of the dietician? Dunno! But his advice would be priceless than am sure ;-D you can mail me on

Bedazzled said...

So u r alive !! Good to see u back..Ah, generalisations u men make about women..!! Wy dont they have a men's day ??? .. i wish i had that magic potion to reduce 3 kg too .. have a nice trip ;-)

Prasad said...

Bhar the other 364 days are mens days :P :DD

Ruth said...

Let me remind you that due to fairness hurricanes are now also named for men. :)

Kudos on the exam, guitar and weight loss! Must feel good. I on the other hand have been eating twice as much as normal, and I'm not heading into winter, but out of it. Go figure. Maybe it's because the dress I already bought for my daughter's wedding here on the farm in August was the last size they had and it's six sizes too big. I planned for my sister to alter it to fit, but maybe it will fit without alterations by then! Jeesh.

Glad to see something new from you.

Nautankey said...

Renga violence.We already have a long list of people who deserve it.

Priceless? No i do have rate slabs..will mail them too :P after the weekend trip is done.

Generalizations are there everywhere. And the kinds generalizations we men have to fight everyday...tough I say. Can put a long post about it.

Men's day for wat? men have enough reason to drink n celebrate everyday :D....Thank youus

Nautankey said...

May be some hurricanes are named after men,but the more famous[or notorious]are the one's with women's names.

You are heading out of winter..hmm.. I get too many meanings for that. Now see the positive side,you have saved your sis's efforts of altering the dress :).And am taking a cam for this trip as its supposed to be a very beautiful place,hope i can get some nice pics of nature on my blog :D..inspired by ruth

Aparna said...

Nice...what diet plan is this?
Congrats on the certification...
Glad that you are aive and kicking! have a nice trip
I suppose it is the Nikhil jinx!!!

The Seeker said...

Hey!! me too so badly wanna lose a few kgs now,, It has become a I can't now.. some gyaan please!!!!

Women's day!!! Don make me start on this now... And waiting to read your travelogue...

Have a nice trip...

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

m here!!!!!


and yea gyaaan on the diet plzzz

Curious said...

You sure have been alive dude :D Usually when I do a post saying I'm alive i mean that literaly - as in my heart beats but the brain's dead kinds... :D :D

So are you gonna share us your diet seret at all? :D

Anonymous said...

Before i forget - Congrats :), ditto n the voting words..and u knw my mail id for the diet scheme! If it is GM diet!! mention it k..would want to waste another week!

vimmuuu said...

Buddy, share the diet regime.Puhleeez.but dont tell me its GM, did that too many times now !

Congrats for clearing that exam!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol ... every one wants to know the secret diet . ..he he ..
and yeah i too hate this jago re ads ..
the guy comes and says all people are sleeping if they are not voting .. I ask what the guy was doing there .?? he is supposed to voting too rite ?? the whole ad is illogical :P :P
he he ..anyways enough of my gyan .,.,
enjoy ur weekend :P

Nautankey said...

Had a fantablous trip..yup yup blame on the self-proclaimed god.

Barath the seeker,
It was on the I can never list.But the number of good dresses I had to dump as they were not fitting made me think :D

Wow..back here so soon..and that's one royal looking profile pic

Nautankey said...

Welcome...after a very long time. Brain? hmm..not something which i use for posting stuff here so ia m alive anyways.

Nanri nanri..and comeone you are not that fat to follow a diet.And GM!! gosh I fainted attempting it once. Its as good as suicide :P

Nautankey said...

Thank yous.A separate comment on the diet :D

I guess the ad shows the guy had voted with a short focus on his index finger.Thank you did have a blast on the weekend.

Nautankey said...

The Diet
For the query on diet.I did not get an all encompassing generic diet from the dietitian. Just gave my existing diet and got it modified for a weight loss approach.

The generic things in it were things which most of us are familiar
-No fried items/junk food/biscuits[wheat biscuits allowed without butter/milk]
-Having 5 smaller meals a day than having 3 heavy meals
-Having soup n salad bfore lunch[luckily i get it in my cafetaria]
-Avoiding fried form of non-veg n going for gravy forms
-Finally doubling my water intake

Have also got an indian version of diet chart using which we can calculate the calories taken per day.

And about GM diet,I tried it once and failed badly.Later realized a few things abt it like
a) Probability of it being a hoax is VERY high.There are no official records of GM[general motors] advising its employees to take this diet

b) No professionally practicing dietitian recommends it[I have met 3 so far]

c)The indianized version of GM diet replaces the beef on day 4[or was it 3] with vegetables,which looks silly bcoz the amnt of fat/protein/calories beef provides can not be substituted by veggies

d)Last but not the least,you can follow GM only if you are at home and don't do much physical activities[like going to office :D]

Tarun Goel said...

Though I am late, but happy to see you breathing :D

Tarun Goel said...

Though I am late but thank god, you are happy :D

Prasad said...

antha diet ellam velaiku agathu boss!!!!

simpe matter

morning = oats, 2 or 4 milk bikies
lunch = roti/chapathi, dall subzi and 2 or 3 spoons of rice frm ur friends plate :P
dinner = veggies and fruits

middle le 2 or 3 or 4 cups of coffee without ugar ofcourse and very less milk!

matter the over!

sunday hav good lunch, rice, etc etc and all!

daily 45 mins walking and vola 3 months le 10kgs damal!

zimple boss!

Kanupriya said...

:-) last one brought a smile on my face.

vimmuuu said...

No buddy, GM diet works. I have tried it thrice. The first time, I reduced 4.3 kgs, the second time 3.8 and the third time, 3.3. More than just reducing, it purifies your entire body system. If taken properly, it actually gud do wonders. and guess what, the three times I did it, I had regular physical activities too, office, gyming, etc.

and the beef part isnt replaced by veggies, but by paneer or brown rice.

Anonymous said...

hulloo u say i dnt need a diet?? aftr all ambitous starving
1. my clothes or ne good clothes are nt fitting me
2. im being compared to - puffs, walking ball, & elephant!! ne other creative thoughts needed to induce me to try different diets?

Prabhash said...

Hey! You do get people to read thru long posts. Congrats on writing another one of those :-) And yes, if you are through with that Diet thingy, here's the site to gain some weight

Nautankey said...

That that man..that that diet :)Wat works for me may not work for you thats why I no give out any breakfast,lunch stuff..and abt the walking part..if someone is travelling by bus/train daily it may not be needed.So better to get it customized depedning on our day-to-day activities.

Great!! you are the first one who says it worked..and nop I am not taking the purifying part bcoz GM is not recognized medically by anyone :D..Jeera water is a better purifier..aah i am telling that to a mallu :P

Nautankey said...

That made me happy truly :)

Thank you...and breathing happily :D

Verby about water melon :P.. will mail it across

Nautankey said...

this was infact my shortest post..trimmed it due to the diet :P..will check out that intereting address given