Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Estoy vivo !!

A meaningful title indeed. It means I am Alive!! Now I can't complain about having nothing to blog about, I can put a post listing out the reasons for not being able to blog...wah wah Kya Idea sirji ..

Speaking about Idea, the recent Walk and Talk[or something on that lines] ad by idea bought only negative thoughts for me. Reminded of the incident were this lady who was talking on phone and walking or rather crossing a railwaytrack was run over by the train. Any which way looks like the idea will reduce indian population, so still Kya Idea sirji stands.

Getting back to the reasons I was unable to post a post following are some
a) Our group's 3rd year anniversary production is coming up on 26th & 27th September, was full time into writing the script. Now that the first draft is over, time to cool my heel. The script has come out better than I had dreamt of. Hope the execution part too goes well

b)My 2.5 years old nephew, who is a dennis reincarnate has taken control of my PC at home, trust me that knows a hell lot of techie stuff. He can insert a C.D --> right-click --> Autorun from my computer. Refresh a webpage by hitting F5[something I knew only in my 1st year of masters]. Knows to pick and choose the Kid's rhymes page from favourites, though he can't read as such. As I was welling up with this sense of pride,I went to my friend's place and saw that her daughter, all of 10months old can switch on and shutdown a laptop and can differentiate a real laptop from a toy one[ofcoz rejects the toy]. What can I say..just give the cliched... kids these days expression and move.

c) The work...suddenly I find myself in a product development team and am learning that developing a product is pretty tough. So next time I curse Microsoft, I'd show some mercy.

In other news I have found that I am good food critic..For a second time Burrp has featured my review as the best of the week :-) .One thing I realized was to be a food critic you need not be a foodie, just need imagination and writing skills. I have seen many foodies,the ones who swear by food,unable to express in words why they love a particular cuisine...burrp looks like a place to good start off.

In one another news, my status as a single would be coming to an end pretty soon. Don't think I can exhibit my food critique skills after that at home :P


Anonymous said...

My goodness!!! Kids are bright these days. *koff koff*
My 3yr old nephew is a Ramayana fanatic. So he knows that he has to go to Youtube to watch it online.
Congratulations on losing your singlehood :P *wink*

Nautankey said...

Swat, when I was a kid like you i never used the V word :P. Times change drastically you see.

Thanks a lot and yeah blore trip in on :)

Ruth said...

Excuse me?? I like how you slipped that last little zinger in at the end!!! Wha?? Please tell. I take it you are working up to more details to share. Please.

Yeah about the kids. I had a friend whose 2-year-old could set up a computer.

Hope the play is stellar. What's it about? Well, you can blog about that too, eh? See, I'm good for ideas at least.

I googled Kya Idea but didn't get enlightened. I really do love reading Indianisms (Desi?), except when I don't know what they mean. Not that I will ever learn them all.

Nautankey said...

:-) it was supposed to be this tiny little news in the last line..the bells ring in november.

It's about Pirates, sure will put a few parts of the script over here too.

You got to google "what an idea sirji" an ad campaign which had some interesting ones in it.i google lot of french stuff and actually forget it 2mins after i read it :)

Anonymous said...

3 year anniversary! Wow! Congrats, guys! :)

Prasad said...

buhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! kids...evolution my friend!!!

jus read one half of the script...and um ROFLLLlllllllllllll cant wait to read the rest :DDDDD

congrast.....Treat...the sarakus the murukus the waiting :D

Vrij said...

I sort of like the advert!

And yeah, kids are amazingly intelligent these days.. I have a huge list of proofs!

ROFL @ Swat n the V word.. I agree, in our days, we never used such vocabulary (see, voca.. is such a nice V word!!)

When is the Bangalore trip coming on? For RP's?

Smita said...

Good to see u alive :-)

And aaj ke kids are far more sharper than any of us in that age.

Congrats for the goood news :-)

Prasad said...

yup! vrij thtz rite! for Rp's!!! u makin it too????

Ruth said...

November bells - wow, awesome! Congratulations!

Ashwathy said...

yea thats a different angle to the walk and talk... burning calories is one thing, but watching where u walk is another altogether!

a) good luck!! wish i was in chennai to see it! :-) if it ever travels to delhi, pls let me know!

b) to use an oft-repeated expression: "kids these days! oof!"

c) lol reminds me of the time we had to make a 10-min documentary film as part of our grad course. by the time we finished making it, i swore to be kinder to film makers while reviewing/trashing new films!!

i'm a foodie myself and have reviewed cuisines/restaurants quite a lot as a journalist. and no u dont ahve to be a gourmet cook to be able to appreciate/express ur love for food. it's "elemenary, my dear watson!" :-) pls provide the link for ur article.. wud love to read it!

and as for the last part, if thats ur way of announcing ur marriage/new relationship, u arent sounding too thrilled by it, i must say! :P lol

Bedazzled said...

good to see a post from u after sch a long time .. kids of every successive generation get wiser and smarter .. good luck with the anniversary thingie !.. u r burping quite a lot .. paathuko !! ;-)

vimmuuu said...

Glad to see something from you.

1) and this time, if I dont attend, please kill me ! Its in chennai, rt?

2) 8 year old kids become fathers these days!!!

and my heart condolences for leaving bachelorhood.

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot dude. Hope we will have the novelist attending the show :-)

Sure sure

Nautankey said...

Well the doc likes the doc ad eh? :) You have got to have a huge list of proofs no doubt you have one amazing kid to exhibit them :)

We will the run a thread for blore trip :)

Thank you..and sharp is an understated adjective :)..

Nautankey said...

Thank you.

Yup hope one of those PIL addicts files a case for this.

Delhi? not in our radar,hope you get some assignment in Chennai during that time.

My foo reviewed are on burrp,you can see a "My burp" column in my right side section.

I aint too thrilled? Hmm may be bcoz this was scripted by parents and not by me :P

Nautankey said...

Lemme burp a lot for now,not sure what future holds you see. and you better come for the anniversary show

Vimmuuu the ditcher
I am saving this in a document so I can kill you , pretty sure u wont come :P...and to be frank I am thinking which is tougher becoming a father or operating a computer, especially after working in a call center and handling 'smart' customers.

Shruthi said...

lol @ "Dennis reincarnate" . How do we deal with such smart kids? *shudder*
and congrats on completing 3 years. Just went through your website (sorry new to your blog; I know i'll soon become your group's fan. are there any youtube links?)
DO you guys stage plays in other cities too? I mean nice nice cities like Bangalore ;)

n.aka.zephyr said...

congrats on the soon-to-be-not-single status! and best of luck for everything!!

Prasad said...

to see Vinodh on the dias smiling @ his engagenment!! ROFLLLLLLlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll priceless! :P

Revs said...

*cough* *cough* Congratulations!

Ashwathy said...

not able to figure out where :-( sorry!
link pls... or u can email it to me. or a little help as to what i shud click on the site or where i shud while there...

Nautankey said...

Only way to deal with them is times it works :)

Thanks a lot,will send across the youtube links and we have been trying to stage a show in blore not been successful though :(

NG aka Zephy,
Thanks a ton :-)

Nautankey said...

I wasn't smiling but I was amused and it was total funny :P..cant imagine the wedding part.

Revs aka Missi-Amma
Thank you,sendign across vicks tablets for taking care of the kich kich :P

Have scrapped the link in your comments section :-)

Anonymous said...

wow ths post had a bonus with your review :P im sure i wudnt tread tht way ever :P and ur not single anymore?? pray that 'she' reads almost all ur previous posts of search and 'green eyes' :P and yeah pray she sees my comment too!

Preethi Rao said...

congratulations on getting engaged (and married soon)! And yes, what an idea sirji (there are numerous incidences reported of jaywalking accidents cos of mobile phones!).

Nautankey said...

Well being a green peace warrior I just followed the 'go green motto' ok :P. I dont see that disturbing her.

Thanks for dropping by and looks like idea has heard this blog :) they have a disclaimer now...why create an ad without using ur grey cells and why put a disclaimer now. Thanks for the wishes :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

the best news comes in a one-liner in the end...guys i tell u :P (me too at the cliched one :D) write somemore bout ur new found love .. there u got something to blog bout...congrats once again and ask ur fiance to start bloggin man!

and u kno ur absolutely rite bout the reviewer part.. i have seen such reviewers who kno more than we do but cant write a word so dont stand a chance.. thts y i keep sayin its all in the words! and ur one of the best reviewers chennai burrp has got :) if i ever quit.. i ll leave my job to you in my will :D ;)

PS: can u provide a link to burrp if u can wen u mention it anywhere?
(sorry marketing is in the blood!)

Nautankey said...

Well..didnt know what more to write about it :-),don't think I can ever write a post about that..

And thanks a lot for the 2nd stanza me feeling on top of the world :-). yup i had left a link for it in the post,later took it off assuming many would have gone from that :)

Anonymous said...

Not single? Whoa congrats :D

kanagu said...

Kids were becoming really smarter these days :)
and you are a script writer... wow... i really love that job :)
and congratsz for leaving the single tag.. seems to be everybody in blogosphere caught the marriage fix :)

Shruthi said...

oh :( I am sure you can make it . will definitely come to watch your play when you come down to Bangalore.
and yeyy, please paste those you tube links :)

Kanupriya said...

Ah, another interesting title!!! Ur titles r real catchy ones :). Was wondering why u off from blogging scene, good to see a post from u :)

vimmuuu said...

Buddy, I shifted to wordpress. that was all the drama about. you might want to update your blogroll and related stuffs with the new URL...its

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot :-)

Thank you...yeah its a wonderful job,wish it was full time :)

Nautankey said...

done o done :)

Wow..thats one rare appreciation I ahve got..for my title..thank you.. fighting hard to be active over here :)

Will change chetaaa

Tarun Goel said...

Congrtats for the 3rd year dude :)

Shruthi said...

Hi! I am so sorry couldn't leave a message earlier. I watched your videos and loved them :D You must come to B'lore and stage some Saaftware engineers settled abroad sketches ;) or any play for that matter :)
Let me know when you do

Anonymous said...

where have u disappeared????

Shayari said...

Hi Nautankey!

There is something waiting here for you

Sindhu :) said...


How you been? >:D<

And 'kids these days' is one expression that I seem to be using a lot these days! Phew! They make me feel so dumb ya!
The F5 one is something I learnt last year :D

And Congrats on the getting hitched part! Party pa? Please come to Hyderabad na? With her, of course! :D

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot dude.

Thanks a ton and yeah someday we would be there for sure :-)

See who is speakiing about disappearing

Nautankey said...

Aaah a tag..thank you will do sometime soon.

Welcome back >:D<

me to hyderabad,hello my turn is over its ur turn now :-)

Nautankey said...

Aaah a tag..thank you will do sometime soon.

Welcome back >:D<

me to hyderabad,hello my turn is over its ur turn now :-)