Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I decided to put up a post and the first hurdle as usual was the title. Wonder why I spend so much time thinking about a title,bcoz my posts are no where coherent or sensible. Speak about blog's reflecting your personality.So this title or word was something engraved on a memorabilia which rests on my desk. Google it and I am sure something interesting will turn up :-)

Life is going really cool,every day is an adventure. Imagine stepping into work and seeing if your swipe card/system login works just to confirm you still have a job. Trust me the kinda happiness I get after a successful login every orgasmic. I have a job..phew. And why do people think I am not serious, comeon being on bench[or even being pink slipped for that matter] is not the end of the world. Most of the folks try to fake a straight-face and end up looking like their zipper got stuck in the wrong place..

There are more serious things than my work at office as such. How is that I find the same girl strikingly attractive one day and too bland n boring the next day,wonder if she has a two-face!! Not the villain in batman series, but i am seriously worried that if at all I gather all my guts and ask her out who will I meet? the attractive one or the dreary one...aah...the troubles of an unmarried man. I am searching for a therapist to cure this two-face syndrome.

And yeah things havent been rosy all around,there was an unexpected death. A close friend's dad expired just a week before his wedding. I mean the whole thing happened in a jiffy, 10mins ago the man was there all pumped up getting things in order for his son's wedding - a massive cardiac arrest - and he is no more. Situations like this make us ask a hundred questions,though we know there are no answers.

Came across this beautiful poetry of Aurobindo Gosh - The Fear of Life and Death

Death wanders through our lives at will, sweet Death
Is busy with each intake of our breath.
Why do you fear her? Lo, her laughing face
All rosy with the light of jocund grace !

A kind and lovely maiden culling flowers
In a sweet garden fresh with vernal showers,
This is the thing you fear, young portress bright
Who opens to our souls the worlds of light.

Is it because the twisted stem must feel
Pain when the tenderest hands its glory steal?
Is it because the flowerless stalk droops dull
And ghastly now that was so beautiful?

Or is it the opening portal's horrid jar
That shakes you, feeble souls of courage bare?
Death is but changing of our robes to wait
In wedding garments at the Eternal's gate

Not sure if this little poetry can console people,but surely makes us realize death is not just the end for someone but rather a journey towards the end of so many things for the loved ones of the demised.

Wish I could do everything I want before death touches me. The wishes range from the highly impossible like - writing that great script which future generation of screen writer's use as a bible, perform that role which would outshine a charles heston or gielgud - to the downright silly like confessing all my blunders, mischiefs and actions....yes rajath I was the one who stole your valuable hero pen in 6th grade and yeah madhuri I was the culprit who kept that stupid love letter in your shoes during the lab session in 9th grade...thank god the probability of rajath or madhuri reading this is next to zero :-)

Many if not all of us have a last wish dad wants his last breathe to be in native grandpa's was to visit kasi but we could not take him to the kasi theatre too. My sindhi friend wishes to visit Lahore once before his penultimate hour...humans and our obsession with death, thinking about it, makes us understand Egyptians better!!


vimmuuu said...

Sorry for your friend da! May his dads soul rest in peace.

Ruth said...

You know I've never stopped and asked myself what I want to do before I die. But when I do it now, it's that I want to hold my own grandbaby. Holding my own baby that was formed inside me was an amazing rush. Holding the baby formed inside my daughter or daughter-in-law - that wouldn't be in the world without me - is another rush I want.

Death is only really hard for us who stay behind. Sad about your friend's dad. Our daughter is getting married in August, and I can imagine the devastation of that leading up to the big day.

Ordinary Guy said...

:) yeah, the troubles of an unmarried man.......

rightly said :P

and I am sorry for your friend....
"death is but a habit of this body"!!!!
yeah, may he rest in peace.....

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Naut,

My biggest fera is dying young and not being able to do what I want to do... I hope I die old and content...

My condolences with your friend...

Ashwathy said...

talk about coincidence...! one of my close friend's dad passed away recently too! as u can imagine, its been traumatic for the whole family...

makes me wonder... the materialistic things that we all keep fighting for... we take none of that back with us. its strange...

i like the part of the post explaining abt what u want to do after death. sometimes... the whole point is, if u r remembered even after a long time since ur death, then i think that in itself is a reward of ur existence! what say?

Anonymous said...

What's w/ Rev and you, calling all things orgasmic?!?!?!?!
I have thought about death quite a few times and get scared by what happens after death. So, I stop my imagination right there :P
I really really really pray, hope, wish, Madhuri reads this!
Nkey!!! Help us less experienced TEENAGERS (;)) with writing such letters ;D

Nautankey said...

Thank you.

I seriously dont want to stop and ask myself.It sounds to planned, i love living life by the moment rather.

Can imagine the pleasure/ pride /rush of a mother and when their own baby is going to be a mom too...hope you get that too. Wish all the parents take good care of themselves as we want them by our side during our life's special moment.

Nautankey said...

Looking at your latest post.Looks like you are gonna be a man to be married soon :P

Materialistic thingss..hmmmif the egyptian philosophy was true may be then we would be taking them to the next world.
Not sure if I want to remembered after my death,there is a risk of being remembered for notoriety :P

Nautankey said...

NG aka Zephy
Dieing young is bad. But then what is young is a very subjective question.I still think I am young :-)

No comments about the question.You are too young is all i can say :P.
Yeah madhuri reads this and she wud publish that hopeless letter and make sure none come for my plays. Now why would you want tips for? how NOT to write a love letter ? :P

Vrij said...

You know the solution to ur problem.. get ur folks to find a girl for u!

Revs said...

I wont comment!! Hmpf!

Arun said...

2 face girl?!
yer turning into Seinfeld my friend ;)

Nautankey said...

Was that a solution Or a way to create a bigger problem so i forget this? :)

Noo dont to this to me I am stopping blagging...baah

Hee hee..thank you george..Or wud u prefer kramer :P

Anonymous said...

Loved the title!!! :D

Sorry for your friend... My condolences...

Tarun Goel said...

You are too much :P
Orgasmic Pleasure describes almost everything :)
And really, you have done a great job regarding the "title" :)

Smita said...

Sorry to know about ur friend!!!

You know what? I never think about death or how I wud want it to happen to me etc. Isn't is something out of our control? Why shud we waste our time on that?

Anonymous said...

sorry abt ur friends dad!

thinking of death im more easily worried abt 'dear ones' death than my own!!! somehow it is like an escape leavng the world, but to be left alone in th world is the most horrid thing i guess!

LOL at ur confessions :P i seriously hope & pray that they smehow read ths :P btw my own colleagues stole a box of perk from me and i gt to knw by surprise when years latr i tripped on their writing :P

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend's dad! Will catch up with you sometime and may be can have a morbid chat about death!

Nautankey said...

Thank you and welcome to the stage :)

Hee hee yeah..everything is orgasmic, whats wrong naa..infafct most if not all of us are a result of it :D

Nautankey said...

Yeah its a waste of time but then it also helps to think of some interesting proportions :D..Wont u love to write a book before the end nears?

Yup we are seldom bothered about our deaths and we expect others to be bothered about theirs n take good care....hmm..paradoxical.

Seriously!! I don't those friends to read this,they will never forgive me :P

Chat about death..phew..why dont we have it in heaven :P..provided we both qualify for it ;)

Anonymous said...

urs is the first blog that i am visiting after a long long time...

sorry about what happened...!



Saima said...

hey! Sorry for your friends loss...
Death really scares me. More than mine, I am scared about the deaths of the people close to me.
One uncle i know, was getting his daughter married, and on the day of marriage the wife (mother of the bride) passed away. The family did not tell the daughter, and continued with the marriage. They merely told her that the mother was in the hospital.
Just imagining the plight of the father sends shivers down my spine.

Kanupriya said...

Hmmm, nice post. Agree to Ruth - "Though death is inevitable yet it is terribly hard for those who r left behind to come to terms to it".
So, sorry to hear about ur friend. Hope his marriage took place.
BTW, whats up with title again? This time it is actually a did u write it by knowing that its a word or is it just an output of ur random keyboard pressing :) ?

Abhishek said...

Long time...

Smita said...

Can the owner of the blog please confirm that he is alive?