Monday, August 24, 2009


Somethings cannot be explained in words

  • The joy and elation I get when people laugh for my lines
  • The goosebumps I get whenever i see the national flag being hoisted[even in not so known places by the not so VIP ones]
  • The way I get tongue tied when I see this really gorgeous girl in office
  • The sense of guilt which overcomes when I give a light thwack to my nephew during his dangerously mischievious avtars.
  • Why I help anyone in need and then end up getting screwed- How the slightest of provocation to my mammoth ego changes me totally
  • The rage when I see educated and rational people believing astrology, sunsign, sooth sayers and rakhi sawant's wedding [infact the last one is more believable than the others]
  • The sense of belonging and attachment when I drive past my college/previous company
  • The anger when me as a customer is not treated properly.
  • The memories that rush thru when a familiar fragrance brushes past
  • The sense of relief after hurling abuses on a rash chennai auto driver.

For others I have my blog :-)


Anonymous said...

Agree agree agreeeeeee!!! My nephew came to attack me, I ran away and jumped onto a cot. He fell down from the cot & wailed so loudly that I was covered with the guilt blanket.
Show THE finger to rash drivers, it's even more relieving. At your own risk though :P

Jitu said...


Bard... I think am commenting on your post after a couple of years. :P

The last time I was here... you guys had just returned from a trip to hyd. :)

Cool post. :) me likes it.:)

Aaarti said...

:)) just read it and commented on fb..

copy pasting it here!! :)
-the happiness i feel when i walk in the rain
- the joy of seeing someone smile cos of what i said
- when i make someone's day without consciously doing it..
- when granpa says "take a break, you've been working too hard"
- when Floppy rushes to stand and hug me the minute i walk in home!! ... Read More

list is endlesss and precious!! :)

Prasad said...

yea i jus irritated my cousins son in da morning...jus to make him cry!!!! buhahahahahahahaha but man he looks so cute whn he cries! :P

Tarun Goel said...

Dude, rakhi sawant's wedding was the wedding of the millenium which ended up in an engagement and not a wedding. Poor that NRI type boy who came here for Rakhi Sawant :P
MAy be he had some hidden intentions or may be tru love :O

vimmuuu said...

Nice ones. feel the same about whatever thats written there.

ok, you better get that tongue tied when you see that gorgeous girl!!! YOU ARE ENGAGED !!! Psst..psst.., send me her contact details, will ya?

Dhanya said...

Lol@ Rakhi Sawant's show being more believable :P Next up she's going to show us all how to bring children up properly.... Waiting eagerly for that!

HEY! And what's 'Thubai Dhanya'? Do you mean 'Dubai Dhanya'? But hellloooo, I used to live in Bahrain! Hmmmph!

Gayathri said...

I totally agree at this,"Why I help anyone in need and then end up getting screwed- How the slightest of provocation to my mammoth ego changes me totally"..but,not this,"The rage when I see educated and rational people believing astrology, sunsign.."coz i believe in them :D

Nautankey said...

Shiwing the finger..hmm I will loose balance and have a great fall :))

I went to hyderabad 2months back :) not 2 years :D...danks for liking it and do come often :)

Nautankey said...

Yup yup got that on FB too,cool list :).And i got a mail notification abt that was thinking whos this Ariti krishnakumar :)

Oh yeah they look really cute when they cry :-)...sadistic adult hee hee

Bedazzled said...

this sounded so much like the master card ad !! good to see u back blogging !

Bedazzled said...

oops .. not master card.. visa card !1

Nautankey said...

True love :O plz dont give me such shock yaar :) way i dont even think their engagement will go till marriage,then there wont be rakhi's swayamvar season 2 :P

Yeah thats liek the last thing indian vieweres want..child care tips from rakhi :))

What to do we lesser mortals have no idea abt bahrain, abu dhabi etc,., that whole geographical land mass is called as gelf or thubai[dubai] :P

Anonymous said...

grrr u stil behind that gorgeous green eyed? whtsoever hapened to the one u gt engaged to? :P and fragrance too?? **cough..cough** by the way did u tell me ur a virgo :P?? whts ur sun sign? no really..sincerely whats it? if it virgo its nearng ur bday hence asked

Nautankey said...

Well this justifies my rage :-)

The visa ads are a classic cant escape them :-) trying for a post in 10days

Nautankey said...

Thanks to your nazar the green eyed beauty has been transferred out of chennai..grrr..this is another one :P.

And comeone just seeing and admiring is no crime :-)

nop me no virgo or cargo :) I am may 1st week born find the sun sign plz :D

Shruthi said...

"The sense of belonging and attachment when I drive past my college/previous company" - I so agree with you. Everyday I go past my college and I feel so good when I see the road bustling with students and a few familiar faces of my lecturers. It also makes me wanna go back :(
And please do continue this list. Maybe Part 2 :)

Ruth said...

So the words in this post are like parentheses or brackets, and the unspoken words are invisible, filling them up.

Anonymous said...

Guess you're a taurean..
Adamant to the core :p :P

Vrij said...

Oye, u still oogling? Thot u had gotten hooked. Bhabhiji.. do u read this blog?

vimmuuu said...

Heyy, I didnt know my comment was invisible !!!

Arpita said...

Hey I thought u had sent in your entry to participate in the Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar show :p

Nautankey said...

apologies, sorry, shamikkaam, mannichuduungo :)..dunno how i missed replying to ur comment.

Anyway ur also the committed guy and this really pretty girl in office is married,as a headsup will send her hubbies contact details :P

Nautankey said...

My college is out of the city and there are lot of holiday resorts around.Whenever we go to party in those resorts we pass the college and 2mins of nostalgic silence prevails in the car :-)

I can coming up with part 4, part 5and more..probably can keep this as a monthly post.Thanks for the idea.

Nautankey said...

Pretty much. The words are the adjectives. You are not sure if there are any in the languages you know to express these feelings.

Thank god!! me thoughts you are going to tell some absuive words starting with bull :))but then proved what a goody two shoes you are :P

Nautankey said...

Vrij bhai
Now now sho is talking about that. Remember the menu card and diet logic..very much applicable here :)

Wish I did :P

Ruth said...

Don't you love finding new words in other languages that express something inexpressible? I found that with a few words in Turkish.

Smita said...

Men can't stop looking can they??? :D

And yes we all have our own set of small small things which can give us unlimited happiness :-)

BTW I love hurling abuses on all nd every rowdy driver ;-)

Smita said...
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vishesh said...

ha ha :)

Abhishek said...


Nautankey said...

Yup i used to love voila :-) and overused it so much that my friends bought a ban on using that word.

Now see who is speaking,as though someone stopped ogling @ salman post-marriage :P...and abuses maaan that gives so much relief once its out of our mouth.

Nautankey said...


Thank the yous :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so nice :) I so agree with each one of them :)

'even in not so known places by the not so VIP ones' - well said!

sansmerci said...

u jus put it down in words! really nostalgia wen u pass thro a place ....and the auto-driver-thingie... can relate totally! there is nothin more relieving than curse out loud at an auto driver wen on my bike .... atleast after all those days i depend on them to get me to office :)

strange medicine said...

well said!..except that i did believe rakhi sawant would marry one of them:-P and i dont bother yellin at the chenn auto guys,they will never change:-P..