Saturday, September 4, 2010


Anyone in there?..This was the message i typed in the comments section of my previous blog post by mistake :)
After a pretty hectic professional period I can say with confidence that I am back, cleared the 98 spam comments in my blog inbox and thinking about what to post on.Not that any of my previous posts had a particular topic on which I wrote about.Argh..I know there is some mistake in the grammar of the previous sentence but unable to rectify it, ill-effects of non-blogging I shud accept. So the next few posts of mine would be filled with grammatical and typo errors exposing the lack of english skills a software engineer normally has. This is for the precise reason why most of us want to go abroad, learn the language..and then enjoy n relish shakespeare, shelly and not for the dollars or pounds.
The time between my last post and now is 7months!!!...Lot of interestin things have happened in the 7 rupee getting a new symbol but losing its value, crazy bookies paying for no-balls[come on I once bowed a 15-ball over during my cricketing heydays i.e somewhere in 1990s without getting a penny],Rajnikanth turning younger than aishwarya, Sachin joining IAF[Incidentally Yuvraj singh too has joined indian army-the sleeper cell], Obama swimming in gulf of mexico [waiting for the day MK Stalin swims in koovum river]...not to mention my ever increasing waistline to reduce which I have started gymming. But somehow losing the tummy totally is not in my plan of things because the tummy is the indicator of a software engineer's years of experience. We use the LOT[level of tummy..something similar to LOC-lines of code]. It helps when we strike conversation with colleagues whom we have not met,we can pace our chit chat based on the person's position in the heirarchy.
Aah looks like i am back in touch,started off lamenting the changes in 7 months but as it normally happens got diverted.
23..YES thats the number of lines I have written.When commencing the post thought I wont cross even 5...This is a wonderful landmark to commemorate which I gift all the readers of this fateful post...err...hmmm...ok the first one gets a dictonary, to refresh the forgotten grammar ofcourse :)...


Smita said...

How do i collect my dictionary?

Bedazzled said...

vanakkam saar..

OG said...

so the man is back? eh??

super saar!

subbulakshmistoned said...

vanduteengala? only today i was lamenting as to how all the bloggers have abandoned blogging.

Vrij said...

Walcome back!

vimmuuu said...

Welcome back ! See you after 5 months ! Bye ! :D

Sneo said...

Willkommen... not guesses what language I have tried my hands at

Btw, Agree with Subbu on the blogger abandoning part

Nautankey said...

Will mail it :)


Hopefully,for good.

Vandhuttom,i think its a temporary phenomenon,they will realise nothing gives so much pleasure as bogging and com bak soon :)

Nautankey said...

Vrij bhai,
Thank you

??? you stopping blogging?

Thanks for dropping by...thanks to google found its german :)

Ruth said...

I was just wondering about you the other day. Happy to see you are alive and well. I thought maybe post-wedding the blog would never return. ;-)

Ashwathy said...

I think I forgot my English after reading ur post!!! :P

A said...

Now its time for the nautankey to give us reasons for disappearing.

Nautankey said...

Thank you.Yup have got my marriage to blame on for a few things ;-)...merits of being married,have got a readymade reason.

Yaaaaay mission accomplished :)


Aaarti said...

Naice to see u back here... that too starting on my Bday!! Yayyy!! :D

rauf said...

Congratulations on new car new bike and the NEW WIFE.
Ab banoge' Natwarlal, ab hogi Nautanki. i can understand the incoherent blabber but you can't defeat me in that department.
i have no excuses to offer for my long silence, much to the comfort of my readers. i did not have even an old car or a battered old wife to bother me. Hamaari bakwaas ab shroo hogi.

D@r$hi said...

hey hi was passing by rauf's blog saw the name of ur blog so came n wandered around n i must say nice writing... light note types..
enjoy "Nautankey"..

Shruthi said...

lookie who's back! so you were working on a new script for your play is it? and this time you will stage it in Blr right? you better say yes :P

and did you check those comments by chinese spammers N'key? paavam they waited for your reply; and now that you are back I dont see their comments.. tch tch

Tarun Goel said...

welcome back dear!

Nautankey said...

Yup great beginings on great days :)

Somehow people can see thru all the reasons we give...too hollow i guess

Nautankey said...

Thanks for dropping in and for liking the scribblings.

Shruthi, u have any spies around me. Just last week we finaized a show in blore, and i come here see this commnet...and yeah i shud thank thsoe chinese spammers,used to get mails abt moderating their comments,kept reminding me of my blog :)

Thanks a lot sir.

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy WELCOME BACK!!! am super glad! did miss ur sense of humour..kept toggling here and even left a msg in FB!

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy WELCOME BACK!!! am super glad! did miss ur sense of humour..kept toggling here and even left a msg in FB!

Kanupriya said...

Good to see you back, m glad that some long lost old bloggers r coming back to blogging, hope to read more of ur posts soon :)
BTW howz the gymming going on :)?

Nautankey said...

thank youss...i come alive once in a while :)

Thanks for the welcome...gymming? whos that now :P