Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some more enlightenment...

It was yet another day where I was enjoying my morning snooze and was cursing my idea of joining the gym...Under the pretext of reading the newspaper I decided to steal some more sleep... to my horror one news article woke me up with a rude shock. A political party in tamilnadu had demanded full fledged ban on alcohol..

I mean ok lets not look into the credentials of this party which is pretty much a political whore, changing partners for every election..let's not consider the party's leaders had openly & unapologetically stated is ready for coalition with anyone who is ready to give his son a ministerial berth. Still what makes him so insane, I mean there are lakhs if not crores of drunkards in the state and he is going to lose the few votes which he manages to get !!.

After reading this shocker, I went to a state of trance...yup that state where the sleepy part of your brain plays,fights and finally convinces the other part, the one which is urging you to wake up,brush and get on.

At this magical moment I received an enlightenment...about how bars/pubs/toddy shops are so similiar to places of worship. Following are some of the similarities I could get hold of...

1) Both give peace from current state of misery

2) Both give a high [devotional high and the drunken high]

3) When this high reaches a crescendo we can hear voices speaking to us

4) Until the time the order is given and it is delivered to the table, the bartender is given the same respect as that of a priest/mullah

5) We fight for our beliefs. My friends believe vodka is a sissy drink and i believe whisky is for low-lives. Yeah at times this may lead to battles.

6) Brotherhoods grow.

7) When we leave, we are at peace with the world

8) Women are not given equal rights.

9) Both have created world's greatest philosophers

10) And yeah....We pay tips

Lets hope that very soon the religious drunkards start their own political party,to overcome exploitation...infact demand drinking habits based census next...jai vodka!


Tarun Goel said...

Received Enlightenment or achieved it ? :P

OG said...

ROFL!!!!! classic one mate!

I personally think that bars are ahead of the "places of worship"!

I knew u had posted! since I saw your comment :P

blog more regularly dude!

Ashwathy said...

Hahah....I totally agree with OG!! Pls blog more regularly...we need more posts like this...

Of all the things to find similarities with!! LOL :D

A said...

Good one! btw wat is this abt the gender discrimination. Mind throwing some light on it?

Prasad said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha good one mate!!! :D

rauf said...

How dare you insult my Amma, my appa my thaatha my paatti ? and who is this clown you are talking about ?
you will not be able to answer because we have only clowns here, very hard to isolate one, they are all the same.

i will not beg to differ, i don't beg, but i differ nonetheless as i am not swamiji.

When alcohol is removed from the system you sit and long for more. but when you remove god or religion from the system people will start running naked on the roads smashing cars burning houses, looting banks (i'll join them in looting banks you can join too).

in many ways you should be thankful for the corruption in the state. if you want a bottle, you can always get one. Don't worry Nattu Nautank, sleep peacefully.

Sneo said...

you ve been tagged

Nautankey said...

Panning to buy it now :P

Thank yous..actually places of worship shud be porud for being compared with pubs.
Regularity...hmmm...plz get me a break,ur cousin has taken up my callsheet :)

Next me thinking abt finding similiarities with my cubcle and restroom :P

Nautankey said...

A alias Arpita,
Gender female popes,imaams and even priests.And very less female bar it?

Thank the yous :)

Nautankey said...

Thanks for the invite.The day a godless world gets into all set to join the partyyy.

Thank you...will get it done :)

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Archana said...

You forgot one more

People flock to both places on weekends!