Monday, December 2, 2013

Vienna Tales!!

Yeah its been long since I came in here. And I know that the little bit of readers for this place have disappeared. The only desperate ways I can pickup readers count is to:
a) Write something sensational..well how about Rahul vs Modi. Write a generic piece,without spelling out my allegiance clearly so the supporters of both will clash at my page. Call names,question patriotism and tolerance levels ,my blog attracts millions of hits, I make money by placing ans..andd..and...sigh!! Far fetched I know, because without doubt Rahul will have more backers. How many here would support Lalit Modi instead of  Rahul Dravid in an argument (bloody escapist I am).
b) May be indulge in some friendly banter and playful flirting with some bloggers and stretch the limits of decency. Which in turn gets sensational headlines "Famous blogger nautankey.." Nop "The father of  Indian blogging"..naa naa,makes me look old.."The blogging heartthrob"..argh.. ----- (Fill it with your salutation) was today arrested for bloglesting(molesting thru blog?) a blogger @ blogspot. While Nautankey sees a clear political conspiracy, political conspiracists saw nautankey's blog for the
first time. Yaayy.!! But then I am a shadi shuda guy who is faithful and does karvachauth and sumangali vradhams piously, so not gonna work in my favour.
I can think of more reasons but then the post would end up so long winding that even I may not be ready to read it.
Coming to the heading of the post...yes that's what I wanted to right but managed to scribble 20lines unconnected to the title. I yam a great columnist in the making.
This was about an incident or rather an interaction when I visited Vienna over the weekend.
At around 11.30PM, I call the reception

Me: I find the room to be too hot,can you reduce the temperature.
HR(hotel receptionist):Saaar(no I am not making it up,he pronounced it as Saaar,no idea if he was mocking me because he could'nt have known who is on the other end..may be an austrian who learnt english from Wilbur Sargunaraj),the controls are in the room but it is confusing,so I am coming there.
Me:(faking my best british/or some firaang accent) Yes please do. It is pretty hot.
--After few minutes..knock knock--
I open the door to find a shell shocked guy in suit staring at me for some  seconds.Imagine an expression on Michelle's face when she sees Kim jong coming out of Obama's bedroom,in a pink sleeveless night dress and Barack with a whip and...ok hope you get the shock quotient.
He keeps staring at me.
Me: Helloo 
HR: Yes..yes saar. I ..I ..Check the te..te..temperature.
Comes in
HR: Saar.You are from India right. 
Me: Yes ofcourse 
HR: And you still find this hot.It is 10 degrees, germans find it pretty ok.
At this point I understood why he gave me the stare. Reminded me of this - - esp royal familyla idhellam sagajam thaana part. Apologies if you are a non-tamil reader(just incase I get some readers I mean).
Me: (Managing a straight face)Basically I am from Denmark and I find it too hot. 
HR: I will reduce the temperature Saar.
--He goes back. After a few mins, I call the reception again --
Me: I find the room still hot 
He comes in again,checks the temperature. Gives me the top to bottom look,as I fake the I-am-from-buckingham-palace-attitude.
HR : Saar, I know the solution to this.  
Me: Yes 
HR: You can remove your shirt and pyjama. Open the window and then sleep peacefully.
Gives a wide smile and walks away wishing good night even before I could realize if he was genuinely giving a solution or mocking me!!
Damn I hate sarcasm I say.


Smita said...

ha ha ha ha!!!!! So did u take his advice seriously? did u did u?? :D

Good to see u back!

A said...

Ada paavi..enamo Denmark liye porandu valanda maadri :D