Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scriptopdia - 2

Aftet this, thought of filling up my blogosphere break with another piece of script. Here it comes, from a play we staged on 2007, a play which taught us a lot.. not just with regards to acting n writing but more with regards to marketing, planning and budgetting a theatre production :-)

Character sketches
Dave,Hari,Roy - Three modern day young men who have been there and done that
Raghu - A naive 30year old virgin

The 4 are sharing a drink with some open talk about their past relationships. While Dave, Hari and Roy are more than happy to share their's Raghu isn't, not that he is shy it's just that he doesn't have any worth mentioning.

Hari: So its your turn

Raghu: Well..actually I don’t discuss my private life.

Hari: You are speaking like a virgin. Are you one ?

[Raghu gives an expressionless look]

Hari: So you are one. I knew it... I knew it

Roy: Harry!! Stop the nonsense. So what’s wrong if he is one? It's good he is. Raghu, its not necessary that you got to speak about it. You can also speak about your closest encounter.

Raghu: Good. That's fair. I did have one in college

Roy: Wow!!..just share it..come on!! go ahead

Raghu: Well it was in the college bus, the hottest girl of our department prabha was sitting next to me. The bus was going on a very rough road with a lot of potholes. Then came a really abrupt brake and.

Dave and Hari[excitedly]: And?..

Raghu: Her dupatta touched my pant..

Dave and Hari[doubled up excitement]: And?

Raghu: And nothing else.

Hari: You mean this was your closest sexual encounter ?

Dave: Dude!! He must have had an erection for 2 days for this.

Hari: Oh Raghu don’t you have anything interesting to tell ?..I guess you have never been hooked to a girl all your life.

Raghu’s Monologue
Yes. I have never been hooked to a girl. I feel that’s because I am a nice guy. I know I am a nice guy because everyone tells me so. That’s why I don’t get hooked. I am nice. I remind every girl of her brother and am their best friend, but a date or movie..naah..I am not a date material I suppose.

Eventually all this should have led to pent up desperation inside me but NO..I am too nice for that. Once in college I tried not to be nice..Reejo the cassanova of my class told me to stop being nice and pick up a good girl. So I went to this girl and dropped a pick-up line “Hey your daddy in look explosive”..and know what? She started crying. The first time I try not be nice I make a girl cry. I spent the rest of the semester asking her sorry at every point I saw her. This was simply not going to work.

I don’t even have an un-nice name to lean on ..Raghuraman can imagine a Dave or a Roy to be suave and romantic. But a he can't..The writing is on the wall I simply cannot be un-nice and can never get a girl. Period.

The other 3 character's did have their monologues. Yet this was the one which got the maximum applauds. Probably because there were many raghus in the audience 'inspired by life' works wonders I say ;-)

---The End---


Praddy said...

ah the memories of LFL :)

Arun said...

I missed this one :( !
tape, anyone?

Prasad said...

LFL!!!! was fun :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of laughter. Damn RangaShankara!!

Anonymous said...

:) throughout i felt, ive read it i remember..ths s teh one u had mailed me :) blasphemous :)) but hilarious!

Smita said...


With that pick up line he was lucky that the girl only cried :D

I wish I cud attend any of the perfomances of Rebelz....

Bedazzled said...

good one ..full script post pannu !!. r u goin to be staging this again ? .. and how goes the script for the next play ?

Revathi said...

*clap* *clap* *clap* Soooper ba! Any plans of performing one here in Ireland?

Nautankey said...

Prad n Prasad
It was total fun..we had a scream need audience to make fun of his naangaley kalasikkuvomla :P

Ash shud be having a DVD provided he has kept it in a safe place :)

Nautankey said...

Plan for a trip to chennai on may 17th :).Long time away so you can plan properly :D

Yup yup I remember sending this to you and also remember you reading it secretively as it was blasphemous :D

Nautankey said...

It was based on a true incident. Luckily that guy said the pickup line to a junior she had no choice but to cry :D...And yeah mumbai too someday...b'lore dreams where shattered so dreaming beyond it.

Full script bayangara A rated :P so no way I am posting it. Yeah planning for a restage this year..let's see.

Thank u thank u...Ireland thaaney sure-a. Already my ireland trip is there naa..remember the facebook converstation.the blogmeet in ireland :P I won't mind bringing the whole rebelz team

Revathi said...

I dont know you! :|

Anonymous said...

LOL... :D

Tarun Goel said...

A good one, train is about to leave so will read "baad mein".

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting my travel & accomodation tickets to reach me before that ;) from YOU!

Ashwathy said...

omg!! hahaha... too good!
yes no wonder it got maximum applause... true to life alright!
in fact reminds me of the movie the 40 year old virgin! :-D

Archana said...

"I spent the rest of the semester asking her sorry at every point I saw her. "

So he dropped a poop worthy pick up line AND stalked her till the end of the sem?


Nautankey said...

Even I don't..but you can send money for unknown people living below poverty line :D

Hope it did not remind u of ur school bus affairs :P

Thank you..sure sure :)

Nautankey said...

If it's ireland then from revs..if its chennai then may be u can expect from me :)

Yup it was a bit inspired by that movie :) and ofcoz our own lives

That was a better line actually.. there are still worse pickup lines :D

vimmuuu said...

LOL, you seem to have made my character sketch there through Raghu...Every good looking girl i meet wants to make me their brother or best friend or .....(hold your breath) their son !!!

Please call me next time for your plays!

Nautankey said...

Son :O now i never knew ur that old :P

Tarun Goel said...

a good one :D

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...


good one.. was like readin an indianised version of 40-year old virgin.. imaginative and well-written.. u shud put up more of ur scripts pls ... its inspiring to write for ppl who've stopped writing like me :D

Nautankey said...

Thank youu

Yeah but more that being inspired by 40year old virgin it was inspired by our gang's drunken nite out when we had to speak about our love n [non-existent]sex life :).

Will surely put lot more of the stuff I write but most of them are A rated :P . Thank you for the encouragement though