Sunday, May 24, 2009

May so far >>>

On a normal day I hate it when people interrupt when I talk...but not the other day when I had to wait for the laughs of 150+ houseful crowd to subside so I can continue with my lines.

On a normal day I love perfection and detest when people miss synchronization ...but not the other day when a few of our actors missed some lines yet came out with spontaneous reactions which were better off than the ones in the script. 

On a normal day I don't prefer too much of experimentation, this time around tried something called the Pirandello technique in the script of a 2omins play which luckily worked out!!!

Yes the Rebelz play was a rollicking success, more than the laughs and the applauds what made me happier was that we now have a bigger team to take care of things. Starting with just 3-4 guys who were doing all the work[yours truly was the script writer cum PR cum set design coordinator cum compere cum...many more] now we have a team of around 10 who are motivated enough[come on theatre doesn't pay :)] to pull off a wonderful show...As an icing on the cake we got some really wonderful reviews too. A heartfelt thanks to all the blog friends...those who came and those who did their best to support virtually...thanks a ton folks.

Well...stopping my rebelz tomtoming  and bragging[blogging rhymes with bragging eh?] here. All the high obtained on sunday evening was drained out as soon as I reached office the next morning. The first mail on monday morning... A notification, SSAS,SSIS,WSS,SSPS - these are a few technologies which I need to ge trained on. In days of recession do I have a choice to pick the technology I work on?. After a week of so-called training I am yet to know the abbreviations of those technologies!!. My great march towards the pink slip I guess.....but then not too sure if I do care.


Ashwathy said...

congrats!! :-) glad to know it went well!

so how was it being the "e script writer cum PR cum set design coordinator cum compere cum...many more"?? exhilarating to say the least, eh?

i'm truly sorry i wasn't in town to catch it. hope someday i can. do let me know if the show ever travels! been a part of dramatics society in college so i know the feeling very well :-)

Smita said...

Congrats :-)

And I hope u come in Mumbai for a performance!!!!


SASS = Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

SSIS = SQL Server Integration Services

WSS - Windows SharePoint Services

SSPS - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (Hopefully)

So there....aaj ka mera good work helped a fren, now mug these up and forget the pink slips and promise me that you will not even think of writing poems :-)

Gayathri said...

Awesome! Someday, I will watch your play. (maybe in Sydney Opera House?)
Till then, good luck!

Ruth said...

Congrats to Rebelz - and to you! The day I come to Chennai, I hope you'll have a stage production for me to see.

Nice Rebelz web site too.

Revs said...

And The God finally does a post :P

Congrats once again for the 'rocking' show :)

-A virtual supporter

PS: Yohv!You better ping me on Gtalk. Have to ask a few doubts!

Aaarti said...

* clap clap clap*

sarri, ippo poi velai paaru :D

Nautankey said...

Ashwathy Aah never knew u were a chennaivasi else would have kidnapped you and kept in chennai till the show got over :D.

Multiple responsibilities though are cumbersome at the end of the day give a great high. Thank youus

Smita Thanks a ton for the wishes and for the expansions and know wat I was wrong with the short forms too,the alst one was SPSS :D.. and pink slip or not I am not gonna stop writing poetry. Get us a performance chance in mumbai then i will stop it :P

Nautankey said...

Gayathri Opera house??...accepted we do dream big but surely not that BIG :D. thanks for the wishes.

Ruth Thank you and would be a privilege to have you in our audience :)

Nautankey said...

Revs Yeah yeah prayers do change god :P. Thanks for all the cheering.
P.S: I never find you online? enna block senju vechu irukkiya?

RT Danks for the claps o'er here as well as on the D-day..and velai.. hayyo hayyo

Revs said...

Aama, ivaru periya manmadhan. Ivaru leelaigalukku bayandhu, ivara Block vera panni vechirupaanga. Grrrr thu! I havent blocked you. See if you had blocked me by mistake as a result of senile motor errors :P which is very much common among Senior Citizens like you :D

PS: Did you read Prasad's post? :D Bery nice!

Ashwathy said...

lol no i aint a chennaivasi :-)
if i were lucky enuff to b travelling there while ur show was on, wud have definitely caught it. thats what i meant. but anyway looking fwd to the day it comes to delhi... thats where i am now! :-)

Prasad said...

clap the clap the clap clap!

Ordinary Guy said...

classic man!!!!
glad that it went well..... :)
how about expanding your operations to other cities as well :P or maybe a full time job??

btw, how was my cousin's acting?? hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

was just wondering about the long silence :) glad ur back with a bang :P a big congrats for ur success.. do try for a show in blore

Anonymous said...

:( Missed your performance!!! :(

It's me Curious said...

Congrats on the show! :) I will hope to catch the next one soon...

Jus incase if u guys are packed full..2 tickets please..on pras's account! :P ;)

Nautankey said...

Revs You block manmadhans?? and un kitta leelaya..unnoda leelai thaangama lot of girls ahve blocked you-nu...Cork Malai sudar-la padichein :P

Ashwathy Oh..let know ur company we will make sure they send you here when our show is happeneing..and delhi?.. hmm has the NSD,cant fool too many there :P

Renga Thank the you.

Nautankey said...

OG Yeah we are looking to expand to other cities but dearth of sponsors. You know sponsors don't go for quality stuff :D.

And your bro was amazing,4girls fighting for him[with the tom&jerry theme music for BG :P]

Verbt Trying and trying for blore but nothing working out :(... blore is not lucky enough,story of sour grapes :P

Nautankey said...

Abar There is always the next time :). thanks for ur wishes though.

Curious "I will hope to catch the next one soon"...Sillyyy... You are supposed to be sponsoring the next one. Renga Prasad has given us a guarantee that you would :D..2 tickets enna 200 tickets eduthukonga esamaan

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

damn i'm feelin bad to have missed the play more everytime i read bout it! i jus cant wait for the next one man!

Kanupriya said...

Hey congrats! When is the show coming to blore? BTW the pic is awesome!!! After such lovely show, isnt it terrible to go thru the trainings of those SSSSPPPP kinda tech training?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the play. Heard and read wonderful reviews too!

Hey hail the pink slip, maybe it'ss spur you onto bigger and better things... all those alphabets seem fatal!

Nautankey said...

Swarna Hope you are here for the next one :-)

Kanupriya Doesnt look like its gonna come this year :( ..Speak about the torture,that too full day class room training...argh

Archie Oh yeah hail the pink slip and end up bankrupt :D.

The Seeker said...

Glad to hear that the show went well


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wats the big deal with tell me if theres nething within my limits (other than money :P) to help...

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot dude

Thank you :)

I think my long pending request to you got to be fulfilled.Build an auditorium plzzz

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! no other venues we can request??? just do a lill research na..