Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello blog....

After a pretty long time [ I suppose] am back to blogging. Don't think I can write anything coherent so trying to list down my activities

  • Had an awesome trip to Hyderabad,the best part all the people who made is awesome were blog pals. The guy who accompanied me to the trip, the person who invited us and most importantly the wonderful man who made the whole trip memorable. I knew all of them thru blogs yet never felt they were any different from other friends. Cheers to the spirit of blogging.

  • Hyderabad trip can be summarized as Eat-Go around-Eat-Go around-Eat-party-Eat-Sleep-Wakeup- Eat-Go around. All this in an infinite loop. Add to it the Eat part mostly was biryani, not just normal biryanis... yummilacious hyderabadi biryani. As soon as we gorged down the last bit of paradise biryani,there was this great sense of achievement and bliss which covered us. Finally mission accomplished...burrp

  • With the train man around we never needed any guide for the city, he knows the history, geography, civics, chemisty and many more subjects of hyderabad more than what the nizams would have ever known. He has a deep love for the city and its cuisine,lucky us got to eat at the best places and visit the most important spots.

  • Not sure if it was the over eating spree or the hot weather, fell sick with typhoid and was on a curd-rice wonly diet for ten sucks

  • If there is something more suckier than the above point, got to admit it is IPL and it's on-your-face commercialization. When the cricket jockeys like gavaskar, shashtri over hype all the matches as the match of the century and then ball of the tournament, shot of the decade, catch of the millenium... God give us a break..nop not the strategic breaks with Ads.

  • I suddenly find every girl I come across attractive!! The best[or worst]part, I dumped my I-can't-woo tendencies and stuck a converstaion with couple of them n even got their numbers. Phew tell me about the side effects of's pretty baad I shud say.

  • Bought a new car, it looks like a toy car[a Wagon R]but then serves the purpose. Had the most irritating 2hours of my life when the car was delivered, right from the showroom guys to my parents wanted a 100 poojas[rituals] to be performed. At the end of which the red color car was covered with so much petals and other stuff I forgot which color I had booked for. These theists...argh.

  • They have pink slipped my team it's like Mera number kab aayega ?. Wish to quit the job and go for a long trip across India. Hmmm.....If wishes were horses

  • Elections are up and still undecided as to which moron to vote, probably vote for some independent candidate so that I feel content that I did vote and at the same time don't feel guilty I chose another corrupt dumbass to represent me.

  • Seriously contemplating to take up sanyas full time and start an ashram to preach gyaan and whenever I think of this I feel I am getting old.

  • Met my schoolday crush in a friend's post wedding dinner, she is a mother of two and is like a walking talking times change. Whenever I come across the previous point I think of her and feel younger ..Complex mind I have got.
---The End---


Ramana KV said...

Hmm.. That's lots of life packed into few days.. :) Enjoy the new car :)

Prasad said...

yup i second, third, 4th, 5th etc etc abt the Hyd Trip!!!! one awesome one i should say! esp the Briyani @ 4seasons!!!!!

and wtf isthis abt bcomin a veggie!!!! did typhoid eat ur brains?

It's me Curious said...

Hello thr

Btw. How did sinds babe look after her first facial stuff and all? :D :D Any colleagues or bosses in the wedding scene thr? :P :P Spice it up guys! :D

Damn I am so jealous of you guys! Briyani's 7 blog meet's and all!

Heard CSK is back at the top of the table..that must be going really exciting thr...

Congrats on the new car! I guess it was called the soap dabba car when I was around.. :P :P

And hello - that last thing a married mum nees to think about is her weight! but thr u can have the last laugh on it! :P

Chalo, cya again after god knows when.

One down 3 to go! I meant commenting ofcourse! :P

Prasad said...

well to put thing in the rite way babes....Sins was the "Center of Attraction" and yes her bossES were present! ;)

Smita said...

wow!!! That is some post!!

1stly Congrats for the new car :-)

I was planning to ask heavier by how many kgs but then u fell ill...sigh!!! Hope u r much better now :-)

If wishes were indeed horses..:-)

Take Care!!!

vimmuuu said...

Heyyy, Congrats for the new car ! So, we finally have someone (read guy) among the chennai bloggers to pick up and drop :D

and I hope your health is a lot better now!

Ordinary Guy said...

Congrats on the Car dude!!!! it is a good vehicle!!!!

paradise biriyani is great!! and so is Hyderabadi Urdu....
have you seen the film called "The angrez"???

You find every girl attractive? time to settle down machi :) you are even thinking about your school crushes :P

Aaarti said...

Looks like someone is having a fun roller coaster time!!

Ahem, one ishmall point u forgot/slippped.. ur Bday happened!! :D

when do we get to meet and see the new car???? :)

Ashwathy said...

nice collage of thoughts put together!

congrats on the new car :-)

and lol @ which moron to vote for... i m in the same dilemma myself.

as for the young vs old dilemma, that all depends on perspective ;-)

Prasad said...

GOD damm ppl!!!! all of u r idiots!!!! cant neone ask for treat for his new car or his b'day!!!!

dont worry mate!!! i hav told em now!!

Ordinary Guy said...

haha :) happy bd :)

Revs said...

Pudhu caaaaarrrrrru, pudhu typhoiiidu, VAYASAANA kaalathula kalakreenga n'key! :P

Angel's Flight said...

Welcome to the club of 'Typhoid Sucks' ...lolz

COngs on the new Car!

Anonymous said...

phewww finally im happy to see something from you :) hyderabad biryani :( sigh!!! no wonder u r in curd rice diet..kannu vechiruppaango..thingarathe paathu :PP nd i dnt thnk finding girls attractive syndrome is a new one r an aftr effect of typhoid :P do u?..nd congrats on th car!! :)

Anonymous said...

Was THE boss present? ;)
Nkey... dont you forget my impending treatS (one more for the car)!

Nautankey said...

RamanaHee hee yeah pretty hectic 15days. Thank you

PrasadSadly the steak at 4seasons was yucks man...made me think abt bcoming a veggie :)

CuriousWelcomeee...after a long time.Sinds and her facial a post on that later on :D she ditched us without giving proper intros,so ditched her in the posht..
Soap dabba car :D it does look like le sancy soap :P..thank u

Nautankey said...

Smita Thanks a lot and yeah typhoid was more effective in reducing weight than all that dieting :)

OG Thanks pal..their hindi in itself was like urdu :)..nop havent heard abt that movie.Well I thought i am back to my teens where I find everyone attractive..reverse aging.

Very show a ride :).Bday sucked,wat with thayir sadham all the way

Nautankey said...

Ashwathy Thank you and at times wish I stood in the elections bcoz there r so many who are like me.Can give them an option :-)

Prasad Less emotions..less emotions

Vimal the ditcher Thanks a lot saaarey and far far better now

Aaarti said...


me knows abt it and wrote abt it too... read read read again...

see ya on 17th and lets get a nice treat outta the bday boy.. and no, vinod, no thayir saadam vokays :D

Nautankey said...

Revs Poramai pidicha ulagam..drink some ice water to cool down the J factor at my youth.

Angels flight Thank you. Dont tell me you experienced that. But i was up in 4 days which I think was the best part.Shud thank my doc who suspected it right in the first sitting.

Verby Too much..there were folks who were thinnufying twice as me I was a poor eater there.
That is a real symptom,me a hanuman bakth u see :P thank yoouss

Swat There were more than it was a bossy affair indeed.
Sure...can add this to the list :)

Praddy said...

AHHHH now ur making me jealous on missing out on Hyderabad :(

vimmuuu said...

Heyy, thats not fair. I didnt ditch you guys !!!! Oh wait, did you guys meet up last sunday !!! what to do man, too busy as a family man !!! I was here in chennai only for one weekend. too much of travelling and now again tomorrow. Take care.

Nautankey said...

Seriously..mangalore cud have waited but then we ahd food at some really local places which were not upto your expected ambience level :D

Excuses..excuses...Don't you have tons of them in your pockets.And family? how many do u have bcoz we too have families and are managing it

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

ai feelin young is in the heart :)

and congrats on the car!

Nautankey said...

Thanks a lot..and yeah the problem is the heart is not consistent keeps changing track :D

Ruth said...

Too bad about typhoid! I've never known anyone who had it, is it common in India?

I want to take a train across India too. But now I'm afraid of getting sick. I think I have a good immune system, but I dunno.

Nautankey said...

Typhoid is as common in india as it is in any place :D.None in my family ever had it and 1st time for me too...Incidentally I traveled by flight :) never had ailments when i had gone across india in trains so now I'd say flights are not safe :)

Revs said...

Why do I not see my blog in your blogroll? :( Everytime I post something, I come here to check if it gets updated. Your blog was my check-point. And now I dont see mine *bawls(

Btw, have an update on acco in Avalanche. Ping me when u are free.

rads said...

heh, couldn't agree more with you on #1. Go Blogs :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a busy, hustling bustling post!

Shayari said...

Hey Congrats on the new Car!
Hope all's well with the health.
All the very best for your efforts in becoming a vegan & a teetotaller:)

Nice post there!

Nautankey said...

Revs, Ayyo..thanks for bringing to the notice..I changed ur description from 'student #1' to something else,will check it :D...

Rads, Yup yup..different people,different blogs but same spirit :).. welcome here.

Nautankey said...

Ki, Pretty much..hectic 15days :)

Shayari, Thanks for the wishes and yup now am fighting fit,just that unable to find someone for a fight.

Revs said...

Hie!! I'm all curious now!! Whats the new description?? :D And I STILL dont see mine there :(

Revs said...

*blush* Thank you :) Nice it is :D

Nautankey said...

Sss...habba enna oru perumai

Anonymous said...

I see that whatever I wanted to say has been already said by some one before me!!
So...well see you on 17th. Break a leg! and then treat for Bday, car and the success of 2 to Tango :D

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

chek out this weeks newsletetr on burrp :) shud b comin today or tomo and yea come to my blog and say thanks :P

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

nauty! waiting on two to tnago updates plz!

Revs said...

CEO!! Waiting for your account of the play :) Naeyar viruppam,soon plz?

Jitu said...


Quite a following here too machii!!

Add me to the list... err... afetr I manage to create my page that is. :P

And what about a review on the happennings of the weekend?? :D

Waiting for it...

Congrats on Car and Success.
Belated wishes for B'day!!

And am jealous. This is one detailed post on hyd trip... makes me feel arrrrrghhhhh!!!! :(


Never mind... next time...

The Seeker said...

Hey Nautankey! Welcome back! It seems u loved hyderabad biryani more than hyderabad, that’s an amazing place, you cant help yourself from falling in love… well give up the job and go on a trip! I know how I long for one, don miss it!!!

Well At times even I get the urge to become a vegetarian … well as long as it is an urge! Not a problem…

Even I met my kinter garden sweet heart! Well that was a different story!!!

Anonymous said...

Eat dominated trip, New car, Typhoid side effects, Entertaining thoughts of becoming veggie and interesting comparison to feel younger !...Ithuvallava valkai…enjoy :)

Nautankey said...

Swarna hey thanks a lot for everything :-)

Jitu Welcome here :)..yeah sure updates on their way..and u feel jealous..hmm.mission acomplished :P

Revs Senjutta pochu..

Nautankey said...

Bharath Yeah looks like even if i don't leave the job they wud kick me out soon :P... Kindergarden sweethearts are better off not being met is wot i feel :D

Vani Welcome here..and thank you thank you...valkai has been quite good.

Sneha Divakar said...

excellent! esp the Hyderabad trip part.
mother of 2 sounds bad. even when i see my classmates who have school going children, i feel shiver up my spine

Nautankey said...

Thank you..And yeah it gives the jitters doesn't it. People of our age group having kids going to schools..phew scary man!!

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