Monday, April 20, 2009

The Alicious tag...

Was tagged by alice to write 25 random things about myself.I already owe her some royalty with regards to her name,which I have no plans of paying :)... And add to it when on bench boredom just kills you...Thanks to this tag it helped me to while away some time. Here it is..

[Seriously I did not get any other image for "25" :P]

1. I hate watching movies. I feel it's a waste of 3hours, especially the normal commercial fare which doesn't add anything to my creative self.

2. My idea of a start-up is starting my own religion or at least an ashram

3. I am what they call a metro sexual. I don't mind folks calling me that,I take care of my hair and skin so that I don’t end up bald or wrinkled when am in late 30s. Metro sexual is better than being addressed as the wrinkled bald man :D

4. I love to get high and stoned ,but sadly my capacity has quadrupled of late and in my last binge drinking attempt even 4 large rounds of Smirnoff didn't shake or stir me. Some serious issue.

5. Am a crazy fan of govinda and I believe he is the true desi style Icon. I wore costumes of same color as he did once, and they quarantined me in college..hmph

6. BIG time narcissist. I have a two mirrors in my room, one in the workplace and even my bike's rear view mirror is focused on my face.

7. I am crazy about Rakhi Sawant,Paris hilton and Sambhavna seth..I know most of you would be cleaning your tongues after reading out these names..but..well serious issue no-2

8. There are times I get up and move to some place/room and turn blank..I totally forget the reason for going there. Trust me it's very embarrassing, especially if it's the loo at office.

9. I am totally mesmerized by people of Mongoloid origin[guess addressing them as chinky is racist,some of them said it hurts].I find them cute and adorable. I just get rooted to where I am and start ogling at girls and babies of Mongoloid origin. In fact a few times was doing that at guys too...ok ok serious issue no-3. Gosh whats this tag doing to me..making me feel like rushing to get an appointment with psychiatrist

10. I don't overtake or race ahead of lady drivers who overtake me. I find that totally amateurish and immature.

11.I love surprising myself, like doing something totally wacky once a while. Enrolling in guitar classes was one of them and not going to it regularly wasn't too surprising :)

12.I think I am the master of spoofs. I can write a spoof of any movie/book and can claim confidently that it would make people laugh.

13. I hate homophobics..I mean why do people feel threatened by what a person does in his/her bedroom. That that man/woman that that preferences. We have more dangerous people at lose in the society than homosexuals.

14. I have more break-ups than the number of fingers in my hand :D

15....Yeah 15 is the number of approximate breakups so far and counting !!!

16. I want to become famous because I wish to write an autobiography.

17. I dream to live like Rudyard Kipling.

18. I am nowhere like my blog. I mean people build an image of me after reading my blog only to surprise themselves by running into a self-indulgent, silent guy.

19. At any given point of time my mind would be thinking of 5 different things on a parallel processing mode.

20. Give me a computer with AOE and internet I would be sitting there till eternity.

21. I hate being neutral in times of a crisis. I believe in this saying "The hottest corners of hell are saved for those who are neutral in times of crisis"

22. Many[especially girls] find me rude, haughty, arrogant and high-headed...actually I like being called that :-)

23.When I am passionate about something I get overconfident about my abilities to do it. To the extent that I go on to say even if all the actors fall sick I will play every role in the play and make it a hit :)

24. I am a big time egoistic bum who is hyper sensitive[though I seldom exhibit it]. Someone doesn’t reply to my mails or doesn’t return my hi or hello. I mark them and post their name in my to-be-assassinated-soon list.

25. I never have my shoe laces tied.

If you are bored or suffering from blogger's block or want to tell something more about yourself to your blog reader's I request you to take this tag up.

---The End ---


Revs said...

Dear Mr.Vinodhaanandha who does unusual things in abnormal ways,a metrosexual(I just called you one,after your comment in my blog today and here you are confessing it),almost-alcoholic,Govinda-philic,demented(understandable,whatwith you being a Senior Citizen and all that),Chink-lover,spoil sport,irresponsible,may-be-homosexual(that could also be the reason why you had SO MANY break-ups,and considering you've mentioned about your break-ups immediately after the fact that you hate homophobics,there are high chances that its true :P),a wannabe,self-centered,rude,haughty,arrogant,hihg-headed,over-confident,egoistic,lazy bum, I just dropped in here to inform you that I am never judgemental about my friends :P

(He he!Will I copy-paste this as a testimonial for you on Orkut N'key? ;) )

Nautankey said...

Thank you for the name callings...engalukkum chance varum :) and thankfully orkut testimonials need to be approved.

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLL @ govinda fan!! me too :DD and yes i do lik the chinks...the other name u said was to complicated for me to remember and type here!

buhahahahahahahahah @ the break ups...all the expirence dude! :D

Sindhu :) said...

That was a nice one! I am not sure if I ever called any of your posts 'nice', till now :D

"rude, haughty, arrogant and high-headed" And you?? Naah! Or are you just being nice to me? :D

And kind of agree on Pt # 18 - You are so much more loud and funny as a person on the net than in personal! :)

Dhanya said...

Pretty interesting. Catpured my interest right till the end! :)

Smita said...


Ordinary Guy said...

you truly are a nautankey, Saarey!!!! :P

you do not like films... strange I say.... :)
your idea of a startup, even stranger I say!! :)
LOL at point 4, 5 and 7...

Point 20, same here!! used to spend hours playing AOE
And finally LOL at Revs comments!!!
Interesting Tag Mr. N

Bedazzled said...

:-).. i will just say .. i knew !!

vimmuuu said...

1. you liked Roadside Romeo, didnt you ???

2. A lot of fake saints open ashram, get high and stoned and attempt something else!!!

5. Me too. But not the clothes ! :D

6. We should start a club !

11. LOL !

24. ROFL !

Nicely done buddy ! and its true, the blogger Nautankey is a lot different from the real Vinod !

Anonymous said...

helllooo i was quite enjoying the tag..when the 24th gave me a minor heart attack. ;P

Nautankey said...

PrasadHe who hates govinda shud be admonished from india :)... Yeah experience maketh a man!! Enna we are only having experiences :))

SindhuI am normally nice to kids you haven't seen my baad side :P. Guess me has some split personality

DhanyaThanks a lot :)

Nautankey said...

Ms.SmitaThank you!!!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!

OG-jiYeah I don't like films which are an excuse for entertainment.I love govinda's films though they teach me new styles of dressing and some incredible aerobics movements :P

BhargsU knew?? Hmmm...I dont remember ogling at mongoloids when u were around..or did I :P

Nautankey said...

VimmuuuRoad side romeo was awesome but again it teaches us something. Technically as well as script wise [imagining world from a dog's perception]
Sounds like opening ashram will help me reach more than one goal :)
6- After seeing ur orkut profile I knew i have a club member

VerbyDon't worry i don't assassinate married ones :P.Exempted from my list

Think Tank said...

lol ..i thot i was the only wierd person around here

BlowHotBlowCold said...

Come visit my blog and leave lots of comments!

Anonymous said...

Haha :D
Riveting! :D

Nautankey said...

FarahHee hee welcome to the club

blowhotSure will do

KiThank youuu :)

Tarun Goel said...

Point Number 24: I don't go that extent but still I keep a record of all the people in my brain/mind who need some treatment :)
I never forget :D

Smita said...

Mr. Nautankey :DIt was my Pleasure
It was my Pleasure
It was my Pleasure
It was my Pleasure
It was my Pleasure
It was my Pleasure

Ordinary Guy said...

what is with the "OG-ji"...

lose the "Ji" machi........ :)

Revs said...

You are tagged :D

Nautankey said...

Even me prepares the list but haven't assassinated any so far :)

Mrs.Smita No mention!!
No mention!!
No mention!!
No mention!!
No mention!!
No mention!!

Nautankey said...

OG Yeah sure..just another attempt to show off myself as younger :P

Revs Why? why ya...naan enna senjein. targeting a poor soul like me. Will do it

Anonymous said...

You don't ever tie your shoe laces or you don't have them tied at any point in time? Use cut shoes :D

Nautankey said...

I tie them in the morning and if they get untied wont tie them back..too lazy to bend down :D .. cut shoes are not my kinds have had some rowdy cut shows slipping away as i walk no risks :)

Ruth said...

Who is this again?

Oh yeah, it's you, Nautankey, I forgot for a minute whose blog I came to.


So you and my husband don't like watching movies. I am tired of my stack of Netflix movies waiting and waiting to be watched: Rachel Getting Married, Changeling, and something else I can't remember the title. What's up with you guys! I have to start watching them when I'm alone I guess. Boring!

I like this guy you wrote about. He's pretty honest.

Oh wait, some time ago you said you were a big liar!

Ruth said...

And Paris Hilton????? You must be joking, or lying. Please tell me you weren't serious. Please. Lie to me or I will never visit you again.

Chimaera said...

Buhahaha...hilarious! But No Vinnie The pooh..I can'ttt agree with pt. 24. Can't're toooo sweet to be that! Break Ups are the way to be anyway these days...look around you..who is happy with a constant partner? very you aren't missing out on much (cynical me! :P)...Soon i'll write my top 25 too..or maybe jus top 5 :P..

Nautankey said...

Geniuses don't prefer movies,real life is so much more entertaining, why waste money and electricity :)

Paris hilton :D :D...I seriously love her and her ilk[the other 2 women mentioned here]. Come on this blog gets listed when people search for her and there are enough mad caps who google her name :)) and frankly won't you love to be in her shoes [not her stilettos meant the super rich man's daughter] a post about why I love paris hilton shud be up soon ;-)

Nautankey said...

Don't judge a book by it's cover you too were in that list after a not-so-proper return Hi when we met for 'luck by chance' :P,luckily now ur out of the list.

Nop I am not sad about break-ups infact got to be happy n proud that I had someone to break-up with.. there are times I break-up with me and don't talk to myself :P :P

vishesh said...

k considering I was in no mood to read blogs and the fact that I landed up here by mistake ( ya well chrome you see , saves pages I just typed nau and enter for got where I was going ) It did make a very good read...Having seen Nikhil , I am trying to form an Image...

Ruth said...

I don't know, you haven't convinced me. I'll make my decision after reading your Paris post.

I have a Paris blog, maybe you should too?

Abhishek said...

Got ya... You were the guy who suggested that new program 'Sambhavna Seth ki Suhagraat' on Kanupriya's blog about Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar... Now I know why you had such plans for poor Ms. Seth ;)

Prasad said...

happy of the b'day!

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

start a religion plz there is not enuff to hate already :)

and ashram def! i will join :)

Anonymous said...

point 24 was so me :D

Nautankey said...

Yup yup very soon...ur gonna be the pope :D

Pink Orchid Welcome here and sorry for late reply..dont add me to ur list :D